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Monstroid. Overview of slider plugins

In this tutorial we will provide an overview of the slider plugins used in Monstroid theme.

Monstroid. Overview of slider plugins

After template installation you will notice several slider plugins available in your admin panel:

  1. MotoPress Slider

  2. Cherry Simple Slider

Let’s take a close look at Cherry Simple Slider and MotoPress Slider settings:

MotoPress Slider

You can manage MotoPress slider under the MotoPress Slider tab in your admin panel. There are several tabs available:

  1. MotoPress Slider > Settings. You can disable slider for the certain users on your site. Select users for which your slider will be disabled:

  2. Slider settings can be changed under the MotoPress Slider > MotoPress Slider page in your admin panel:


    You can check our video tutorial on how to work with MotoPress slider.

In order to add MotoPress plugin to your site page, use following shortcode:

[mpsl alias="slider555ccff94b67e"]

Where slider555ccff94b67e is your slider ID. You can find it under MotoPress Slider > MotoPress Slider section. Click Settings next to your slider title and check Slider alias field:


Cherry Simple Slider

To add Cherry Simple Slider to your site, do the following:

  1. Open Slides List > All Sliders page to add a new slider:

  2. In order to add slides to the Cherry Simple Slider, please navigate to Slides list page in your admin pane. Click Add new slide to add new slider post. Enter your slide post title, content. Upload your image to the Featured image section:

  3. Cherry > Options > Cherry Slider section allows you to change the main slider settings. Enter your slider title to the Slider Title field:

  4. Open the page to which you would like to add slider under Pages section in your admin panel.

  5. Click Insert Shortcode button:

  6. Select Slides shortcode. Click Insert shortcode. You will see shortcode as follows:

    [cherry_slider custom_class="new slider"]

    Where ‘new slider is your slider custom class:

Check our video tutorial on how to manage Cherry Simple Slider plugin for more details.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

Monstroid. Overview of slider plugins
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