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WordPress. How to delete WordPress theme

Hanna Smith January 2, 2020
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This tutorial will show you how to delete the installed theme through a WordPress dashboard and FTP manager.

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WordPress. How to delete WordPress theme

Removing theme through a WordPress dashboard.

  1. Open your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance > Themes.

  2. You can’t remove an active theme, so first activate the default WordPress theme (Twenty Fourteen) to be able to delete a theme required.

  3. Click the deactivated theme to see it’s details and click Delete button in the right bottom corner of it. Now your theme is successfully removed:

  4. Now click the deactivated Cherry Framework to see it’s details and delete. Click Delete button in the right bottom corner of it. Your Cherry Framework is successfully removed as well now.

Also, you can delete an installed theme through your FTP manager.

  1. Using the FTP manager log into your server and open the WordPress installation folder.

  2. Go to wp-content/themes folder. Delete both your theme and cherry Framework folders.

  3. Now go to wp-content/plugins folder. Delete all the cherry plugins.

Your theme is successfully deleted through FTP manager now.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

WordPress. How to delete WordPress theme

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