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Magento quick guide

Chris Diaz July 21, 2011
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This quick guide will help you to pass all steps of the Magento template installation. You can check the Magento template product description to learn more about Magento templates.



Before you start working with the purchased template please check several things:

  1. Make sure you’ve already ordered hosting account and domain name.
  2. Check Magento engine requirements and make sure your hosting server meets them. We recommend you to contact your hosting provider directly and ask if you can host Magento at their hosting servers.
  3. Open the Magento template description page and check the template requirements. Check the required Magento engine version to download the correct one.
  4. Also check the template software requirements and make sure you have all necessary software.
  5. Make sure you created new database and new MySQL user using your hosting control panel. Magento will need separate MySQL database.

Useful tips:All programs that are required to customize the template are not available for free, however you can use free trials and use software for free but for a limited time period.



Engine download

Magento templates require Magento engine. It could be downloaded from the official website at
You have 2 options for the engine download: Downloader and Full Release.

  • Downloader: contains only basic Magento engine core files. Allows Magento engine to download all required files from the internet itself. Could be used to download only the most recent release of the Magento engine.
  • Full Release(recommended): contains all Magento engine core files. Could be used to download any Magento engine version you need.

Please check the tutorial on how to download the Magento engine correctly.

Template download

The ordered template could be downloaded using the link from the template delivery email or from your order details page. After the template purchase please check the email account for the template delivery e-mail. Feel free to check the tutorial on how to download your template.



Engine extracting

When you are done downloading the Magento engine package you need to extract the files. This could be done using your default extracting software or using the recommended programs WinZip (for PC) and StuffitExpander (for MAC). Feel free to check the detailed tutorials on how to extract the files:

Template extracting

When the template download is complete please extract the files from the template package. You need specific programs to extract the files from the package: WinZip (for PC) and StuffitExpander (for MAC).

Each template contains the package. It’s a password protected package with the template source files. It could be unzipped only using the programs mentioned above. The password for the sources could be found in your template delivery email or at the order details page.

Feel free to check the detailed tutorials on how to extract the template files:



The next step would be uploading the engine and template files to your hosting server.

This could be done using your hosting control panel file manager or some third party FTP manager like: FileZilla(client), CuteFTP etc.

The engine files should be uploaded to the www or public_html directories on your hosting server. In some cases the directory could have different name. Please contact your hosting provider to learn more.
Feel free to check the detailed tutorials on how to upload files to the hosting server.



Engine installation

In order to begin the Magento engine installation open your browser and type:

For example:

If you uploaded your Magento engine to the www or public_html directory on your server the installation directory would be:

In case you uploaded the engine to some sub-directory the URL would be:

If you entered the URL correctly you should see the Magento installation wizard screen. Now you can proceed with the installation. Feel free to check the detailed tutorials on how to install Magento engine.

Useful tips: In case you are planning to install the Magento engine and the template to the clear database and want the template to appear as at the template preview you need to import the Magento sample data before the Magento engine installation.

Template installation:

First of all you need to open the template package and upload the app and skin folders from the template theme### directory on your computer to the Magento installation root on your server. You can check the tutorial on how to upload files above.
When the uploading is complete please check the following video tutorial on how to install Magento theme.

Sample data installation

Sample data is a set of store settings and sample products that allow you to make the template appear same as at the template preview and fill your store with some sample products.
The sample data usually contains of the product images and the .SQL file that should be imported to your database. Please follow the detailed tutorial on how to install Magento sample data.

NOTE: Importing the SQL file to your database will overwrite your existing content and website settings. DO NOT import the SQL file if you want to keep the existing content


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