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WordPress. How to create a WordPress fullpackage and install it

Hello! In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create and install a fullpackage of your WordPress template.

WordPress. How to create a WordPress fullpackage and install it

  1. Download most recent WordPress engine version from official WordPress site

  2. Unzip it and your template package on your local computer:


  3. Open your template package/theme folder and copy two zip files CherryFramework.zip and themeXXXXX.zip to wp-content/themes folder in your engine files:


  4. Create two folders titled the same as zip files you copied and unzip them in the folders accordingly. You can erase zip files afterwards:


  5. Copy the uploads folder from your template package theme/manual_install folder to wp-content folder of your engine:


  6. Copy plugins from CherryFramework/includes/plugins and from themeXXXXX/includes/plugins:


  7. Copy those plugins to wp-content/plugins folder of your fullpackage engine:


  8. Unzip them to the folders with the same names there. You can erase zip files if needed when you’re done:


  9. Zip the fullpackage we created on your computer and upload it to the directory on your server where you wish your future site to be located:


  10. Unzip the fullpackage we uploaded on your server and open your site url in the browser to start the installation:


  11. If you don’t have database created yet, please check this tutorial.

  12. Proceed with regular engine installation steps and open your admin Dashboard:


  13. Navigate to Appearance -> Themes and activate your theme there:


  14. Navigate to Plugins and make sure all the plugins we uploaded to the fullpackage are activated:


  15. Open folder theme/manual_install in your template package once again and open file themeXXXXX.sql in text editor like Notepad++ and replace all the occurrences of your_website_url_here with your actual url:


  16. Import the themeXXXXX.sql file to your hosting phpMyAdmin tool as described here.

  17. After import open your site and check how it looks:


You’ve learned how to create and install fullpackage for your WordPress template. Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

WordPress. How to create a WordPress fullpackage and install it

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