Get Up to 30% Cashback on the Cost of Your New Orders!

Place a new order and get cashback bonuses. They will be shown on your balance. You can use these bonuses with your future orders!

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Your cashback percentage increase depends on the order quantity and the total order cost. You have up to one year to use the bonuses.


First order

  • 3 % for $0-75 orders
  • 5 % for $76-139 orders
  • 7 % for $140+ orders


Second order

  • 8 % for $0-75 orders
  • 10 % for $76-139 orders
  • 13 % for $140+ orders


Third order

  • 14 % for $0-75 orders
  • 15 % for $76-139 orders
  • 20 % for $140+ orders


Seventh order

  • 21 % for $0-75 orders
  • 25 % for $76-139 orders
  • 30 % for $140+ orders

Here You Can Play with Numbers and Calculate Your Future Bonuses


That's my order


Amount of my order is


I got 3% added to my balance!

Any Questions? Get an Answer!


Are all the products part of loyalty program?

Unfortunately not all the products are part of the loyalty program, only the ones that have the special icon and text on their page. In the event you don’t see this identification you won’t get bonuses for purchasing that particular product.


Can I split my payment into several parts and pay for my order with bonuses and / or with an alternative payment method?

Yes. You can pay the difference with an alternative payment method to complete the order.


Could I buy the product with a discount and get bonuses for this order?

If the product you’d like to buy is listed in a loyalty program and is on sale, we will, accordingly, add bonuses to the order cost.


Will the bonuses be added to my balance for my previous orders at TemplateMonster and will it affect my level in the loyalty program?

Unfortunately, they will not be included. We believe that at the start of the loyalty program all users should proceed on equal terms.


For how long will the bonuses be valid in the loyalty balance?

The bonuses will be valid for a year from the date they were added. Bonuses will expire and won’t be returned if they are not used during the year.


Could I pay for my order solely with bonuses and will such order affect my level?

You could pay for your entire order with bonuses but only if all the products in that order are participating in the loyalty program. You won’t have to make any extra payments if bonuses on your balance cover the total cost of the order.
An order like this will affect your level although no bonuses will be added to your balance for this order.


Could I pay with bonuses for the product that is not a part of the loyalty program?

Unfortunately it is impossible. You are able to pay with bonuses only for the product that is a part of the loyalty program.
Such a purchase won’t get you any bonuses either.


What happens with my bonuses if I return the product?

Those bonuses will be deducted from the user’s balance. In the event the bonuses were already spent, we’ll have to recalculate the refund for this product.


Will an order containing only free products affect my level?

Free products are not part of the loyalty program and won’t affect your level.


Are resellers taking part in the loyalty program?

Resellers will not be able to participate in the loyalty program.


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Get up to 30% of your new order added to your loyalty balance.

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You’re able to use your bonuses against future orders.

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Get cashback added to your account starting from the first purchase.

20,000+ products

More than 90% of our products are included in the loyalty program.

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