93 Weekly and Daily Planner Mockups and Printable Templates

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Despite a huge variety of modern technologies, the life of a modern business person consists of meetings with different people and lots of small but inevitable tasks, just like years before. If you have lots of quests in your mind – it is very easy to forget and miss something. The more tasks you have to do – the more complicated it is to track them. And that is where printable planner mockups come to the play. When you can write down all your tasks – it sufficiently eases the tracking and reminds you about important things.

Why do you need a planner mockup?

Different people have different needs. Some want to track not only meetings and work tasks but also mood, meals or water consumption. Others need only a short to-do list. So that is why you need a personal planner template. After downloading, you will be able to customize it according to your taste and needs, add some details or remove the spare parts. Pre-made by designers, printable planner mockup will demand only a little effort to become an ideal self-management tool.

Additionally, ready-made planners are expensive. You constantly need to buy new ones and that is a little annoying. For the premium-quality planner templates you have to pay only once – and after that print it in any quantity needed. It will be enough to buy a nice binder – and replace the used pages with freshly printed ones.

Who needs a daily planner template?

This type of planner template is for really busy people. If every day you have dozens of tasks and want to track several other things like groceries list, or daily exercises – you need to choose a daily planner mockup for yourself. Usually, it is designed on one or two pages with a variety of fields and forms for different purposes (like weather and mood tracker). They are also very detailed and could seem overcrowded for the people who don’t need so many features tracked.

What are the weekly planner templates commonly used for?

The lesser number of tasks you have – the lesser space you need for every day of the week. A weekly planner template allows you to take a look at the more general picture. This type of planner is the best choice for students that want to track their classes. Besides that, it is a great support tool for freelancers, to understand the deadlines and the time of online meetings or calls.

In what cases monthly planner mockup will be useful support?

If you have a big calendar – you already have kind of a monthly planner at home. In simple terms – it is a calendar with big cells where you can write the most important “event of the day”. In the IT company monthly planner mockup, such an event will be the release of the product or start of testing. And personally, for you such a monthly planner could contain birthdays and memorable days.

Other types of printable planner templates

Planning doesn’t end at managing your everyday tasks. There are dozens of activities that could require a written to-do list and a personal planner mockup. If you are going on the vacation trip – it will be great to have everything planned in a special travel list. If you would like to lose weight, buy groceries for the whole week or start your business – planning of all that stuff will be easier with a ready-made printable planner template.