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Our collection of CMS and Blog Templates is presented in this section. Because blogging is extremely popular today we proudly offer you the stylish way to say ‘Hello’ and impress the world with the professional beauty of your blog.

This section contains the Content Management System (CMS) Templates that will make managing your website easier than you can imagine. Using CMS platforms to run your website is very common today and allows you to manage your website professionally, even if you know nothing about HTML or other code languages.

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Apoa - Business WordPress Theme #65742
Apoa - Business WordPress Theme #65742

Reviewer: SeoNet Polska Sp. z o.o. - VAT ID: PL8141687440

Wonderful template. Ideal for small business company! Easy to implement and editing.

Organixine - Biofuel Company WordPress Theme #64672
Organixine - Biofuel Company WordPress Theme #64672

Reviewer: Cheung Lau

Install is easy, graphic is good, but a little bit slow to loading. Fortunately it's fairly easy to specify your own formatting in a non-destructive non-core-altering way. Although personally, I'm feeling ok with it.

Edukid - Kindergarten & School Education WordPress Theme #65420
Edukid - Kindergarten & School Education WordPress Theme #65420

Reviewer: Ozgur Murat TUnca

The site is really cool. Support for any problem is fast and helpful. The only problem is that I am a joomla user and it's hard to get used to WP 🙂

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WordPress Themes

A WordPress Theme is a skin (theme or template) for one of the most popular blogging softwares – WordPress. It does not matter what you are blogging. We have designs for professional bloggers and amateurs as well.

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Joomla Themes

Joomla Templates are premium layouts with stunning, yet fully adaptive designs to use with the Joomla! CMS platform. Whether you are planning to put up an online blog, a gallery or a business website targeted at a specific audience, these themes will be a perfect fit for any online project. Just take your time and have a look at what we have to offer!

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Drupal Themes

Drupal Themes from Template Monster are the themes that can be installed on the CMS platform to customize the design of your website. Drupal is an open source CMS platform that provides a webmaster with a diverse set of administrative capabilities and yet remains very comfortable and easy to use.

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Moto CMS 3 Templates

MotoCMS 3 Templates are complete website solutions equipped with an advanced Drag&Drop admin panel for handy website management. MotoCMS provides users with a wide range of widgets to create photo galleries, contact forms, embed Google Maps, etc. No other CMS offers so fantastic functionality while keeping things that simple.

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Browse All CMS & Blog TemplatesMore than 5,000 CMS templates for a variety of niche sites