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Vector files mean the type of graphic that relies on the mathematical algorithms to create a 2D image that can be scaled and edited without losing in quality or resolution. These mathematical equations tell the technology how to create lines or curves and use them to connect the points between each other.
These kinds of images are easily resized and rescaled which will lead to a better quality graphic. They can be available in such file formats, as .svg, .cgm, .odg, .eps, and .xml.

What are the Advantages of Using Vector Artwork?

The advantages of using vector images for web pages are huge, so let’s consider them in detail. Compared to the raster format, vector artwork ensures perfect scalability without losing quality. This means the images and icons on your website look professional at any resolution and screen, be it a small screen of a smartphone or desktop large one. When creating graphic clipart, you will also be able to work with transparency that will expand the possibilities of web pages design.
Provided that the graphic files have more defined lines, less complex elements, and diverse colors, they come more compact, still saving high image quality. Therefore, you’d better choose a vector format for logos, icons, and 2D graphics.
Scalable vector graphics can be animated. Using CSS and JavaScript allows taking full control over the groups or elements of the images file. This way, you can apply filters or use image animation to make your web design responsive.
Not only are the vector objects easy to create, but they are also easy to manipulate. For instance, after creating a square object, you can pick it up and move it within the canvas. Besides, you can scale, rotate, skew, and invert that square without a hassle. Among other things, you can create a stroke with two points, curves and arches along the way, as well as adding color to the created objects.
Vector graphics allow you to create realistic and precise drawings, such as scientific illustrations, technical drawings, print designs, maps, charts, and data graphs. It becomes possible since the vector format lets you apply changes to the latest millimeter of your drawing.

Uses Cases of Vector Graphics

Although vector images, in most cases, are often associated with graphic design only, this is not entirely true. They are versatile enough and commonly used for almost everything on the web because of their aesthetics. With graphic artwork, you can gain a minimalist and clean design paired with vivid illustrations and clean, geometric icons.

Because vector graphics have a strong impact on the latest design trends, they can be used for:

  • Digital illustrations.
  • Icons for web or mobile apps.
  • Mockups for sites or web applications.
  • Logo creating.
  • Flyers, posters, and other printed materials.
  • 3D objects or renderings.
  • Video game characters, images, and assets.
  • Buttons, banners, flags, CTAs, and other website assets.
  • Texts.
  • Technical drawings based on the grid layout.
  • Descriptive stats or data graphs, etc.

Images of Vector Design FAQ

What are vector images?

These are files that rely on mathematical algorithms that allow creating 2D objects through connecting points or coordinates by lines or curves. This is the reason why vector images, compared to raster ones, can be scaled and resized without losing in quality. Vector graphics are frequently used for creating logos, line art, 3D-like renderings, animation, and more.

Why do you need to purchase vector art?

If you are in graphic design and looking for a high-quality solution to use in your projects, consider buying vector images. They never lose their quality which results in the infinite resolution, they are scalable and lightweight, easy to create and manipulate, reusable and multipurpose, as well as looking realistic and precise. Among other things, vector artwork can be animated and edited with code. Vector format doesn’t lose in quality while being scaled or resized, so it is way perfect for your artwork collection.

What is the difference between vector and raster graphics?

While vector files are created using mathematical algorithms, raster images are made up of pixels. So, when raster files get resized, it results in the loss of resolution and crispness. So, before sending raster images to print, you need to redraw them so that they look good on your products.

How to vectorize in Illustrator?

Many handy tools, such as Adobe Illustrator and other graphic apps, allows converting files between vector and bitmap formats. To get the image vectorized using AI, go with its Image Trace function. So, go to the File menu and open the image you want to vectorize. After selecting the image, navigate to Object > Image Trace > Expand to manually adjust the elements of vector art. Drag or edit the vector outlines created by Illustrator to the desired location using the standard vector graphics tools. When the image looks the way you want it to, save the file.

Where can I buy vector art?

There is a great number of sources delivering vectors and other useful items for designers. Yet, if you are looking for the best options available in different categories online, consider TemplateMonster, VectorStock, Shutterstock, Flaticon, Vecteezy, iStock, GraphicBurger, DryIcons, TheNounProject, and Creative Market. These sources are found to be the best for premium vector graphics in 2020.