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Sketch App Templates

The collection of Sketch templates represents a unique set of ready-to-use designs. All of these are compatible with the latest versions of the software. The compilation of Sketch app templates will grow with new UX and UI mockups. All of them are ready to be adjusted in accordance with your personal or business needs.

What is Sketch

This is a unique app. It delivers unique sets of features and functionality that are needed to create app UI/UX designs and mockups. As a rule, it takes lots of time to build a usable and effective UI for a mobile application. You need to pay special consideration to every detail added to your design. Most importantly, you need to come up with the idea of how to create the ideal presentation of your software. Using Sketch iOS app templates, you can achieve the needed effect much quicker.

Top Reasons to Switch from Photoshop to Sketch

Sketch was first introduced in 2010. The program is rapidly becoming more ubiquitous amongst web designers and developers. There is a growing rise of the screen sizes with multiple pixel densities. It’s become essential for designers to quickly create assets and mockups while handling vector-based files. This is one of the major reasons why many designers give preference to Sketch over Photoshop.
Other compelling reasons to make a jump include:

  • The program allows you to draw one design and export it into as many resolutions as you need. Do you hesitate if you need to get your work exported 10px wide 500px wide or 1000px? The program lets you create multiple export dimensions using one project.
  • It’s 100% vector-based, making all your artworks be 5px square or 5000px square or anywhere in between.
  • The program lets you align any object to the center of Artboard, either vertically or horizontally. The functionality works similarly to Photoshop and Illustrator yet it’s less buggy.
  • It supports the possibility to organize your design project into separate pages, thus bringing more order to your artwork.
  • It allows you to create repeatable text styles or other elements styles within your software. So, whenever you need to change or update any style, it will be synchronized throughout your project.
  • The program makes as simple to export files to SVG as to any other type of file.
  • It knows CSS. Whatever kind of projects you create, it is easy to grab the CSS for it with just right-click on text, shape, gradient, etc.
  • It offers more intuitive slicing options.
  • The app is primarily intended to speed up your workflow.

What Are Sketch App Templates

By means of ready-made designs, you can streamline the process of developing your next app interface manifolds. Every template is an ordinary Sketch file that can be opened as a new document. All of the ready-made designs from this showcase are pre-populated with layers that allow you to begin with the customization work straight away. You can adjust the design of any chosen Sketch iOS UI template in the way that matches the idea of standing behind your web project to the fullest. The growing collection of sample templates includes trendy material design templates, as well as flat and minimal solutions that can match any online venture of yours.

Benefits and Features

TemplateMonster marketplace provides a growing collection of ready-to-use professional designs. Every item is checked thoroughly by the Review Team so that you are provided with the best mobile app design templates from qualified and industry-leading web design professionals.
The major features that designs have in common include:

  • Customizable color palette lets you pick colors to match the look and feel of your business project.
  • Fully editable typography. Every template is loaded with a set of Google web fonts, letting you pick the fonts that can boost readability of your project. You can select from clean and trendy fonts that go well with simple designs, as well as more outstanding options that can serve as extra attention triggers.
  • Rich kits of UI elements let you get started with the ultimate online presentation of your creative business projects. Thus, you can focus on the content for your design rather than
    High-quality source files. All layers and symbols of templates are neatly grouped, named and organized. Every template comes loaded with detailed instructions on how to customize colors, fonts, and styles.
  • A wide choice of mobile app layouts are well-suited to be applied for Compatibility with Sketch, XD & Figma.

We’ve made up a collection of the best Sketch app resources that you can use for the development of your next software project. The number of ready-made designs is due to be expanded with new stunning options. All these packs include tons of fully editable elements that can be implemented in your own designs.
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