765 adobe premiere video templates

Minimal Quotes Premiere Pro template is a beautifully designed and animated project that contains 9 unique quote titles. This project is simple to use, even if you're new to Premiere Pro. You can...
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Moody and cinematic Criminal file case presentation are great for your next project. Impress your client with this amazing Premiere Pro template. Really easy to change every stuff. Easy to...
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NFT Cards Promo is an Premiere Pro MOGRT Template for showcasing & promoting your NFT (Non-fungible token) digital artwork & collections. It’s so easy to use – pick a Glass or Holographic...
Modern Slideshow is a multipurpose Premiere Pro template. This amazing template contains 22 editable text layers and 42 photo/video placeholders. It shows your media in a series of grid-like...
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This is a Premiere Pro template that features an NFT-themed logo reveal. You can add your own media and edit the text. Use it to showcase your photos and video clips. A video tutorial is included...
The Simple Lower Thirds Premiere template contains 10 Lower Thirds with a simple design and professional animation. It can be used for many different projects and purposes, and no plug-ins are...
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This Motion Graphics template features a title reveal with a golden 3D model. You can place your own title. You can use it to give an elegant and luxurious look to your brand. Introduce your videos...
This Motion Graphics template features animated newspaper pages with highlighted headlines. It contains 15 media placeholders and 6 text placeholders. All of the colors are editable. The package...
Comics Logo Intro is an awesome Motion Graphics template that you can use to display your favorite comic book photos and video clips. It contains 5 media placeholders and 4 text placeholders....
The Book Promo is a clean and minimalist Adobe Premiere Pro Template to promote the book with a premium style. It is very easy and simple to use. Replace the book cover, the background, the text,...
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This Premiere Pro template features an intro with newspaper textures. It contains 11 media placeholders, 4 text placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder. You can use it as an intro for your videos....
Typographic Titles - Dynamic V1 are trendy, clean, and dynamic titles project for Premiere Pro. Titles are animated in the style of dynamic, modern, and street design. Dynamic animation and unique...
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A dynamic MOGRT that contains 6 vertical designs. A detailed video tutorial is included. You can use them on your social media accounts. You can edit the text and media placeholders. Download this...
8 Bit Old Game Opener and Title is a powerful Motion Graphics template with an old school look and feel. It uses gaming elements that reveal and enhance your text. It contains an opener and title...
This is a super cool-looking Motion Graphics template with animated gaming consoles that you can use to present your media. It contains 15 media placeholders and 9 text placeholders. A video...
YouTube End Screens 2 is a stunning Motion Graphics template with an elegant design. It is easy to use, well organized, fully customizable. 8 End Screens.
This Motion Graphics template features a cinematic 3D chess scene. The project contains 4 text placeholders and 1 logo. You can edit the positions and colors of the text. You can use it as an...
Math Hand Draw Intro a stylized Motion Graphics with a stop motion feel. It contains 5 text placeholders. A video tutorial is included. The package contains 2 color palette versions: blue and...
Social Media Pack 3d is a great animated template for the premiere pro. Creative juicy 3d social media icons will draw attention to your videos. You can use them in any video, for example in your...
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Adobe Premiere Pro Templates

Video content is a highly important part of any modern advertisement or presentation. It is so popular that Adobe company decided to make a program for video editing. And they succeeded in this business. They earn a lot of money and gave us one of the best modern video editors: Adobe Premiere Pro.

It is easy to learn how to work with Adobe Premiere Pro, though it will take some time to understand how to work with all windows, work with video settings, etc. Thankfully, there is also a tutorial, but if you want to montage your wedding and include good slideshow professionally, you need an HD format lesson on YouTube. You can find thousands of blogs about Adobe Premiere Pro literally. And they are ready to tell you any detail of any part of the video clip montage in Adobe Pro Premiere CC.

However, you need video content before you start editing. And that may be an issue, especially if you want to edit only one video and forget about Adobe Pro Premiere CC for a long time. In this case, it will be much smarter to use a pre-developed Premiere Pro Video Template.

If you often work with thevideo montage, do not forget about useful Premiere Pro CC.

Premiere Pro graphic templates require little editing, and you can create a YouTube movie clip or advertising lettering. Just add a few overlays, and you are done. Motion graphics Adobe Premiere Pro templates relieve you from a long process of content development, like on YouTube, and provide you with a professionally developed visual product. On our site, you can find a list of pre-developed products. Check out this advertising Intro, for example. This project has a grunge style glitch effect, vintage elements, and all elements move creatively. Developers spent a lot of their time on this project to save time. And you can edit Adobe Premiere templates easily. Most importantly - no plugins required.

Adobe Premiere Pro Templates: Core Features

No plugins required

All you need is an Adobe Premiere Pro installed on your PC. Nothing more. Even if you launch this program for the first time, you can always find lessons on YouTube how to change title, text, or how to montage background. Few days and video montage will be a simple workflow.

Demo Play Feature

You can always check out the Premiere Pro video template before purchasing it. Developers added a special play button on a product page.

HD Resolution

Nowadays, no one needs a video in Sd quality and this is why we include only HD quality products. After all, your video has to be full-screen.

Easy to edit

Even a single overlay can change your opening movie clip trailer. Add some move, lumetri color effect, infocommertial logo, animation, and your project will create a different atmosphere. It is much easier for tech-savvy users, yet it is easy to learn. We recommend you download Adobe Premiere Project Templates that require some editing, not a full development from scratch.


Multiple Adobe Premiere Video Templates include a pack of useful elements. And video tutorials about how to work with a project you download too. After all, we want to make things easy for you and save your time searching for tutorials.

Multiple Styles

Developers follow the trends and try to make Adobe Premiere templates in different styles. It means that you can find premiere pro video templates for any occasion. You can find Adobe Premiere video Templates with glitch effect, vintage style, and edit them.

Adobe Premiere Templates Questions and Answers

Does Premiere Pro have templates?

Of course. Templates are your fundament for the creation of new products. Think of it as about regular website template. Someone has already made a product, and all you have to do is to add some customization.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a service that provides you as a subscriber with access to different videos, photo bundle collections and software also include Adobe Premiere video templates.

Where Can I Get Free Premiere Pro Templates?

It is quite a rare thing to find a free Premiere Pro Video template option. Including Premiere Pro Animation Templates. After all, it takes time and requires skills to montage a good movie clip trailer. You have to learn a pack of things about Premiere Pro motion graphics, three-dimensional elements, and smooth effects, smooth transitions, sort one object from another, slideshow, and montage footage in a vibrant scene.

When you find a free bundle of Premiere Pro graphics templates on stock, we can’t guarantee the quality of this product. In most cases, the lack creativity.

What Is a Motion Graphics Template?

A Premiere Pro motion graphics template is a whole Premiere Pro project rendered as a single file to future reuse. It comes in .mogrt resolution usually. You can download them and edit as you wish to create a new project. After all, it is much easier to use only one asset.

Or it may be only some small elements like a title, lettering, edited photo or text set.

How do I install motion graphics template in Premiere Pro?

There is no installation process when it comes to motion graphics template. Download file with .mogrt extension, then open your Adobe Premiere Pro. Go to graphics and search for an essential graphics window. At the right bottom of this window, you can find a plus sign. To find your motion graphics template Premiere Pro allows you to browse and check the file you need. And voila, now you know how to install a premiere pro motion graphics asset.

Adobe Premiere CC will help you with file installation and import too.

How do I import a template into Premiere Pro?

It is quite easy. After opening Premiere Pro, browse for a template you want to include. Click on it. It should then emerge in a source window and drag it to the timeline of your project.