Futuristic Mars Headline and Logo Font
Proudly present new futuristic alphabet - the Mars.That is both clean and minimalist and elegant, yet very versatile. Ideal for contemporary, sci-fi and space designs, you can also apply this on...
Sales: 4
Bright Sunshine Beautiful Urban Font Duo
Introducing the "Bright Sunshine" script font. New fashionable handwriting font and super cool with sexy style. And also the Capital letters set with contemporary and sophisticated accents. Bright...
Bubble & Monoline Graffiti Font Bundle
Bubble & Monoline Graffiti Font BundleThis Font Bundle gathers 31 eye catching graffiti-style fonts for you to use in your upcoming projects. With these unique fonts, you will certainly make your...
Sales: 3
Futurism Headline and Logo Font
I am pleased to present you an excellent futuristic font "Futurism" in modern graphic style!The font supports the Latin alphabet and Cyrillic alphabet. It is recommended to use it at long intervals...
Sales: 6
Blade Headline and Logo Font
Proudly present this bold geometric font inspired by Blade Runner movie cover. Beautiful, sleek, and cut off top to perfection, feel free to use it on futuristic, sci-fi or neo-noir...
Sales: 1
Break Love | Classy Retro Font
Break Love Is An Classy Retro Font Inspired By Stylish and Vintage Character. Font Features :- Break Love OTF ( *Open Type* )- Break Love TTF ( *True Type *)- Break Love WOFF ( *Web Font* )*FAQ's...
Sales: 1
Mayfest | Elegant Serif Font Family
Mayfest Is An Elegant Display serif Inspired By Luxury and Elegant Character. Font Features :- Mayfest Regular OTF ( Open Type )- Mayfest Italic TTF ( True Type )- Mayfest Bold TTF ( Open Type )-...
Alro Bauhaus Headline Font
Looking for the perfect rounded font for all your minimalist design concepts? Then grab this font with an elegant bauhaus style.The font includes upper and lowercase letters with clean, rounded...
Sales: 11
Borgeny | Modern Classy Serif Font
Borgeny Is An Modern Classy Serif Font Inspired By Modern Serif TypefaceFont Features :- Borgeny OTF ( Open Type )- Borgeny TTF ( True Type )- Borgeny WOFF ( Web Font )FAQ's :Where are the TTF's?...
Sales: 1
Joyfish | Lovely Serif Font
Joyfish Is An Lovely Serif Font Inspired By Luxury and Feminine Character. Font Features :- Joyfish OTF ( *Open Type* )- Joyfish TTF ( *True Type *)- Joyfish WOFF ( *Web Font* )*FAQ's :*Where are...
Contour Architecture Headline and Logo Font
The Contour font is a futuristic letter set, inspired by architecture and future style. Suitable for amazing projects: hud, web, movie or music, and especially logo and headline.The Contour is an...
Sales: 1
Histeagin - Modern Serif Font
Histeagin – A New Serif Font with Fancy Curves, More Alternative Character, and Multilingual Support.Histeagin – this style works well for branding projects, logo, wedding designs, social media...
Argithea | Modern Serif Font
Argithea Is An Modern Stylish Font Inspired By Bold Modern Stylish Serif and Vintage Curves.Font Features :- Argithea OTF ( *Open Type* )- Argithea TTF ( *True Type *)- Argithea WOFF ( *Web Font*...
Blusso | Modern Brush Font
Blusso | Modern Brush Font with a calligraphy style, So beautiful on invitation like greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more!The alternative characters were...
Sales: 1
Moglan | Ligature Serif Typeface
Moglan Is An Modern Ligature Serif Font Inspired By Modern Serif TypefaceFont Features :Moglan OTF ( Open Type )Moglan TTF ( True Type )Moglan WOFF ( Web Font )FAQ's :Where are the TTF's? They are...
Calgary | New Stylish Serif Font
Calgary Is An Classy Stylish Font Inspired By Modern Serif TypefaceFont Features : Calgary OTF ( *Open Type* ) Calgary TTF ( *True Type *) Calgary WOFF ( *Web Font* )FAQ's : — — Where are the...
Evoria | Modern Serif Font

Evoria | Modern Serif Font by Pentagonistudio

Evoria Is An Modern Stylish Font Inspired By Elegant Modern Stylish Serif.Font Features :- Evoria OTF ( *Open Type* )- Evoria TTF ( *True Type *)- Evoria WOFF ( *Web Font* )*FAQ's :*Where are the...
Fluence | Elegant Modern Sans Font
Fluence Is An Elegant Sans Serif Font Inspired By Feminine and Elegant Character.Font Features :- Fluence OTF ( *Open Type* )- Fluence TTF ( *True Type *)- Fluence WOFF ( *Web Font* )FAQ's :Where...
BUBBLE font is here! Grab it right now!BUBBLE is a cool rounded style font, try upper and lower cases to see what sticksits Perfect to use it in your fashion designs, t-shirts, posters, videos and...
Briliantine Beautiful Script
Introducing the " Briliantine Script " is Beautiful Calligraphy Typefaces. A fashionable and super-chilled new handwriting font script with some sexy stylish extras.Briliantine Script offers...
Magic Night - Retro Groovy Font
Magic Night is a fun and retro font, it's perfect for designs that need a playful, cheery accent. Magic Night is suitable for book covers, posters, packaging, merchandise, logotypes, and many more!
Maskoki - Handwritten Font

Maskoki - Handwritten Font by WIDIHARINATA_Studio

Maskoki is a elegant & modern font typeface. This font will look so elegant, and awesome in many way to your latest project. This has semi sans serif style which mean you can also use this font for...
GYM Awesome Headline and Logo
Trendy, thick, elongated horizontal letters are especially popular these days. This font is one of the brightest and most beautiful representatives of this style. Geometric italic typeface with...
Kugile | Classy Serif Font

Kugile | Classy Serif Font by Pentagonistudio

Kugile Is An Classy Serif Font Inspired By Luxury and Elegant Character. Font Features :- Kugile OTF ( Open Type )- Kugile TTF ( True Type )- Kugile WOFF ( Web Font )FAQ's :Where are the TTF's?...
Cartoon Fun Cheeky teenage
The Cartoon - font is a fun typeface with cheeky teenage or mischievous childish character.Suitable for amazing projects: game, toys, comic books, movie or music, and especially logo and...

Fonts to download - AI, TXT, PNG, PDF formats

Fonts make your content appealing to view and read.

Also, the font can determine the success of your content. If a font is hard to read, people may lose interest in understanding it and leaving.

Thus, to avoid such a situation, it’s extremely important to make the right choice.

The web is now full of font packages among which to use. To make their content stand out from common fonts, many people prefer to buy a unique font rather than use the common ones.

The alternative is to design your font. However, the creation requires the use of professional software and design skills.

If you don’t have experience, buying ready-made font templates might be the right solution for you as well.

Fonts at TemplateMonster

Throughout the TemplateMonster marketplace, you’ll encounter multiple types of fonts. You can choose the one that best meets your needs and is in line with your brand identity.

Experts design each font template with the use of professional software. This will ensure you the best results in terms of appearance and functionality.

You can find fonts available in multiple file formats and program compatibility. Thus, you’ll be able to accomplish any purpose and use them for any intended use.

Font file formats

As for the graphics, also fonts are available in many formats. The wide availability of formats allows you to choose the most suitable one for the intended use. For example, if you’d like to edit the font using Adobe Illustrator, you can choose the AI file format.

The following are some of the most popular file formats you can encounter across the marketplace:

  • AI;
  • TXT;
  • PNG;
  • JPG;
  • EPS;
  • JPEG;
  • PDF;
  • DOC.

How to edit fonts

Each font is editable and customizable. You can change colors, shapes, or the overall design. To do so, you need to use one of the following most popular compatible programs:

What to use font templates for

You can use font templates for multiple purposes, formats, and content types. Here are some of the most common fonts uses:

  • presentations;
  • social media posts;
  • business cards;
  • brochures;
  • flyers;
  • videos;
  • certificates;
  • mockups;
  • books.

Helpful tips for choosing the right font

Among thousands and thousands of options, choosing the right font is not always easy. Making the wrong choice could determine the unsuccess of your content. This explains why you should select the right font carefully and thoughtfully.

To help you in this decisional process, we listed below some of the most relevant tips you can consider to choose the right font for your project or content.

Match the font style to your brand’s character

A font should embody the character and spirit of your brand. In feminine brands, for example, italic fonts are preferred because they look more elegant and sophisticated.

Thus, based on the sensations that you’d like to transmit to your readers, you should select a certain font rather than another.

Make sure the font is easy to read

One of the essential aspects to keep into consideration when choosing a font is its readability. Using a font without letter spacing or with special characters could be hard to read, and people could easily get bored trying to understand it. Thus, opt for a simple font, which is immediately understandable and clear to the viewer’s eyes.

Conduct surveys or tests

If you’re not sure or undecided about what font to choose, you can run a test or conduct a survey, allowing people to choose the one they prefer among a limited number of options.

This way, you’ll remove any uncertainty about whether they’ll like the font or not.

Draw inspiration from other sources

Another good practice to choose a good font is to seek inspiration from other websites, content, and brands similar to yours.

With this in mind, you'll know which options are most suitable for your needs as well as those that won't.

Choose more than a single font type

Choosing a single font to use for your entire content might look monotonous. Rather, choose two or at most three fonts that look harmonious together. This will give your content a dynamic appearance, and users will be more inclined to go through it.

Best practices to use fonts

After choosing what font to use, another critical step is related to its usage and implementation.

To help you in this phase, we listed below some of the best practices you can follow.

Position and align the text strategically

When adding the text to your designs, ensure that all the boxes have the same alignment. Based on the background image spacing suitability, you need to choose whether to place the text to the center, right, or left.

Try playing with letter spacing

Letter spacing is the space between the words or single letters. Increasing the letter spacing will make your text larger and help it breathe, while reducing it will produce the opposite effect.

You can play with enlarging and decreasing the letter spacing and pick the width that looks best to you.

Don’t use cursive fonts for important information

Cursive fonts can be hard to read. Thus, you should see them just as an accent, not as important information. In other words, they should only be used to grab attention and add personality.

Create a hierarchy

The hierarchy is about leading the users’ eyes to the important details and information on your content when it comes to graphic design. Creating a hierarchy with fonts means having multiple sections divided into major headlines, subheadings, and body text.

To make the font more readable and visually appealing, choose different fonts for headlines, subheadings, and body text.

Best font types for distinct assets

Each asset has its most appropriate font style. However, picking the right ones is not always easy. And a mistake could mess up your overall content performance.

To help you, we listed below some of the most suitable font styles for different most common assets.

Best fonts for websites

When it comes to creating a professional and appealing website, it’s essential to consider colors, images, layout, and fonts. Apart from influencing the readability of your content, the fonts can communicate a lot about your brand identity, often driving the users to take important actions.

If you have doubts about which one to use, here’s a brief list of the best fonts to use for your website:

  • Playfair display;
  • Arvo;
  • Dosis;
  • Merriweather;
  • Helvetica;
  • Montserrat;
  • Open Sans.

Best fonts for resume

Before deciding if a candidate is the right fit for a role, the recruiters usually scan the resume for a few seconds. Apart from the experience and competencies, the overall design and font style can also play a big role.

If you’re uncertain about what to choose and use, the following are some of the best fonts you can use throughout your resume:

  • Times New Roman;
  • Arial;
  • Calibri;
  • Helvetica;
  • Cambria;
  • Georgia;
  • Garamond.

Best fonts for logo

If you want to design from scratch or modernize your logo, the font style is crucial. Besides colors and shapes, the font is the most important aspect to express your brand personality. Thus, the choice is crucial. Here’s a list of the best font styles you can choose for your logo:

  • Helvetica;
  • Proxima Nova;
  • TT Norms Pro;
  • FF DIN;
  • Avenir Next;
  • Nexa.

Best fonts for presentations

Fonts might play a vital role in the readability and success of your presentation. Plus, they help convey an important message. Thus, it is important to choose the right one that will help you achieve all these pursuits.

If you don’t know how to pick the right one, get inspiration from the following best fonts for presentations:

  • Lato;
  • Roboto;
  • Fira Sans;
  • Montserrat;
  • Open Sans;
  • Bentham.

Best fonts for cover letters

A cover letter is a document that can help you stand out from the other candidates in a job application. Despite the content, also the design and font you apply play an important role. It needs to be professional and readable but not outmoded.

Generally, the font you decide to use for your cover letter should match the one you used for your resume.

If you’re still undecided about the one to pick, you can refer to the following list of best fonts for cover letters:

  • Calibri;
  • Times New Roman;
  • Garamond;
  • Helvetica;
  • Cambria;
  • Georgia.

Best fonts for emails

Most businesses have embraced all the email marketing techniques. Newsletters, autoresponders, special offers, you name it. All of these allow you to reach your clients or potential customers after they’ve left your website. Thus, how you present your email content is crucial. It will determine whether or not you’ll make them come back to your site and potentially make purchases.

The email design plays an important role, and so do the fonts you use. They make it easier for the users to read your message.

To help you out in your choice, we listed below some of the best fonts to use for emails:

  • Verdana;
  • Helvetica;
  • Georgia;
  • Tahoma;
  • Trebuchet.

Best font for signatures

Every design element that composes a signature is fundamental. One of these elements is certainly the font. The signature should be original and eye-catching but always readable. No matter if it's a signature for an email or a document, the same rules apply. Therefore, it's better to stick with classical styles.

Here’s a list of the best fonts for signature:

  • Arial;
  • Verdana;
  • Georgia;
  • Tahoma;
  • Palatino;
  • Lucida;
  • Courier.

Best font for quotes

Writing quotes is almost meaningless if they’re not presented with the right typography. The font will grab the people or users’ attention and make them more willing to read. Plus, it has the power to change the way they perceive the message.

Thus, to make your quotes stand out, choose one of the following best fonts:

  • Patrick Hand;
  • Cedarville Cursive;
  • Fondamento;
  • Grand Hotel;
  • Kalam;
  • Dancing Script.

Most Trending and Best Aesthetic Fonts Ideas

If you’re uncertain or have doubts about what type of font to choose for your content, watch the following ideas. It will show you the best aesthetic and most trending fonts ideas.

Fonts Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best font size for a resume?

The optimal font size for your resume is anything between 10 and 12 points.

What is the best font size for body text?

It’s usually recommended to use at least 16px font for the body text.

How to create a font?

To create your font, you can use one of the following professional software and tools:

  • Adobe Illustrator;
  • CorelDRAW;
  • Fontlab Studio;
  • FontCreator;
  • SummitSoft Graphic Design Studio.

How to add fonts to Photoshop?

If you want to add fonts to Photoshop, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Start Menu and click Control Panel;
  2. Click on Appearance and Personalization;
  3. Click on Fonts;
  4. Right-click on the list of fonts and select Install New Font;
  5. Select the fonts you want to add and hit OK.