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Sound Effects — Add Some Life to Your Project

Creating a suitable atmosphere plays a huge role in the audience’s impression from your work. People opt for a topic of the item they search for a reason. They desire to experience some emotions. If you produce horror videos, choose some creepy sound to make the fans of such a theme dread. Do you want your potential clients to feel at home? Use some suitable effects. Pouring coffee and turning book pages effects will come in handy in such cases. Our amazing sound effects will give you a hand with this. TemplateMonster authors did their best to provide you with short realistic melodies. In the following passages, we will introduce key functions and usage options of effect sounds.

Main Features of Sound Effects

We supply unique, high-quality soundtracks with transparent licensing for you to avoid legal issues. The main advantage of them is their multi-functionality. Our sound effects include many topics:

  • Home sounds (water pouring, refrigerator door opening, vacuum cleaner working);
  • The noises of nature (birds singing, rustle of leaves, sounds of wildlife);
  • Cartoon sounds — the ones you heard in childhood;
  • Industrial noise (crashing, explosions, engine accelerating);
  • Creepy sounds — trigger minds and is suitable for horror movies;
  • Futuristic noises — make some cosmic impression, and many more sounds.

However, the items also boast of:

  • Clear recording — no extraneous sounds;
  • High quality — smooth-sounding melodies;
  • Fully Compatible — you can use the assets on any device, any software;
  • Finding the desired item causes no trouble because of convenient website navigation.

There are a variety of pre-recorded and ready to use items. Moreover, the assets boast high quality and a reasonable price. Therefore, every project is to reach its success with the TemplateMonster amazing web items.

Where to Use Sound Effects?

There are several cases where you can take advantage of our amazing sounds effects:

  1. Decide on a proper short melody while editing the podcast. You may create a motivational podcast or educational one and wield our items to set the desired mood.
  2. If you are a writer, translator, or bookworm, you may record an audiobook. We have many great sounds to keep a listener in tension. For example, use the effect of a barking dog, bottle opening, or key door locking to spice up main chapters.
  3. Are you cut out to be a video game maker? Then our sound effects will come in handy! It does not matter whether it is a horror, adventure, or shooter game. We have some options for all cases. There is no need to choose a subway train, volcano, armored door, or car engine sound. We supply them all.
  4. Let's take account of one of the most popular industries — video creating. There are numerous bloggers on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Watch, Twitch, and other video-sharing platforms. With our effects sounds, you will have the privilege over your competitors.
  5. Some video clips have a lyrical introduction and end, where people have conversations or do some action. In these cases, our sounds effects are the right decision. They will make video clips scenes more similar to life ones.
  6. Having a website, you may attach music effects to some buttons or animations. For example, put some firework images on the E-commerce web page with sales and add some life using explosions' effect sounds. This action will create a celebrating atmosphere.

Tips on Making the Most of Sound Effects

It is essential to use these music items properly. Follow our tips to benefit from the sound effects:

  1. Hold to your topic. While producing serious video material, be aware, and not choose some funny product on purpose or accidentally. However, If you create sarcastic content, it is better to use humorous short music pieces because people do not always understand sarcasm.
  2. Do not pay too much attention to accuracy. There are many types of weapons, and each type sounds differently. For example, looking for the sound of arms, you should not spend too much time finding the noise of a particular weapon. However, if it is specifically military content, then be precise in your choice. Because military people know all the noises, and they will doubt your competence.
  3. Sounds play a significant role in communication with your audience. Adding a music effect, put yourself in the shoes of your potential consumers. Think about which emotions you experience and what you should add or remove.
  4. Mind the purpose of the video/game or podcast and decide whether you ought to use realistic sounds or cartoon ones. If your content is entertaining, do not limit yourself and use up the imagination.

Free VS Premium Sound Effects

There are some differences between free and premium sound effects:

  1. Freebies are not unique. They are widely distributed. Therefore, your project will not make an incomparable impression on the audience.
  2. When you download something for free, you risk facing legal issues. Therefore, it is much better to use licensed items protected by copyright.
  3. Premium effects are suitable for commercial purposes. Use them in advertisements or on your E-commerce website.
  4. Professional support goes with the premium sound, whereas you must deal by yourself with free audio assets.

Sound Effects FAQ

Why Is Sound Used in Media?

First of all, sound triggers an emotion. It tells us about the place, character, or time. We use short melodies to engage the audience. Sounds trick our brains, and they make us believe that we experience something in real life, even if it is not completely true. For instance, if you hear a human scream in a horror film, you experience that person’s feelings.

Moreover, they influence our mood. For example, when you choose heavy metal music for the alarm sound, you wake up nervous and anxious. However, while waking up with more calm music, we are at peace with ourselves.

How to Choose a Suitable Effects Sound?

The TemplateMonster website provides convenient options for you to find a perfect sound. You may opt for a wanted item according to its:

  1. Price;
  2. Topic;
  3. Attached tag;
  4. Update, and so on.

All of these and many more you can find in the left columns on our website. Nevertheless, while selecting an audio asset, mind your project's purposes and search some keywords, for instance, "sound of dropping water" and so on.

How to Buy Effect Sounds?

Just follow the steps:

  1. Choose the desired item.
  2. Add it to the cart.
  3. Go to the cart, then select a payment option.
  4. You should fill in a form (billing number and email).
  5. Verify your purchase.
  6. The link to the chosen item will appear in your email.
  7. Enjoy using the sound.

Are There any Restrictions in Using Sound Effects?

We own the copyright on our products. Therefore, follow the rules:

  • do not redistribute our assets;
  • claim our trademark;
  • mix it with other audios which do not belong to TemplateMonster;
  • do some changes to the sounds, and so on.

For more terms and conditions, get to our web page.