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Animated Ads

Is that a still image or an animated object that has higher chances of being recognized on the web page? There is no doubt in the fact that moving items are more likely to capture the attention of web users. These make specific offers and types of content stand out from the competition.

Do you run an online business and look for ways to keep the audience more engaged with your offers? Then using animated banners is the proven way to keep the audience better engaged. The advantages of animated banner designs are unparalleled. These can be used on business, personal, and eCommerce projects alike. Whenever one looks for the most effective way of the promotion of a new offer or a special deal online, animated web banners will get your content noticed at first sight.

Banner Advertising

Banners are the proven way to draw the extra attention of the web users to a specific company, its products, and services. Banners are used on a variety of websites, regardless of their niche and purpose of use. The way banners are presented within the layouts of web pages may also vary. Depending on the structure of any particular website, banners can be placed in the sidebars, organized into sliders, organized into grids, etc. The majority of businesses encounter similar problems. What type of banners to use – static or animated? In fact, each of them has its own advantages.

Animated Banner Ads

Animated or GIF banners are the moving visual elements that are used to promote special deals, got offers, new services or any other kind of solutions for your brand. Animated banner designs are made up of a number of images/frames that are displayed one after another, thus delivering a sense of motion. By means of such ads, businesses can convey more complex pieces of information in an interactive and easy-to-follow manner.

Static Banner Ads

A static banner is still advertising that contains an image and/or text. Such ads do not include any motion effects. Such designs should be created in the style that matches the style of the businesses that they promote. Static ads will be helpful in situations when you need to deliver a simple message to your viewer. These deliver information in a quick and simple way.

Top Reasons to Use Animated Web Banners

There are a number of reasons why animated banners are listed among the most effective tools of online marketing promotion.

These are great attention-grabbers. While providing movements on the static pages you draw the attention of your potential customers to the special deals. Moving objects add dynamism to the pages. These stand out from the rest of the static elements of the layout, making people see more details about the offer that an animated banner represents.

By means of animated banners, you can present more than 1 message at a time. For example, using one animated web banner, you can invite them to learn more about the discounted offer, invite people to check out the details, as well as make a purchase with a single click. All this can be achieved by means of different frames.

The custom banner ad with animated elements is the surefire way to increase CTR. Animated visuals grab the users’ attention and make them feel curious to discover more details about a specific deal. Whether a person ends up a browsing session with a completed order or not, it’s twice more likely he will click on it for more details. The higher click-through-rates result in better branding for your business. As a result, you can attain better brand exposure.

GIF banners can tell the most complex stories in an easy way through slides.

There is no need to install additional plugins in order to display banner ads.

Animated banners are accepted by the majority of online publishers. Also, these look well on smaller and larger screens.

Benefits and Features of Animated Banners

There is no need to reinvent the wheel and create animated banners on your own. Simply use any ready-made animated solution from the TemplateMonster digital marketplace. The collection includes animated banner designs of the premium-quality, featuring easy-to-use structures and appealing styles.

The banners are intended to be used for the promotion of various types of products, services, offers, and other kinds of deals being delivered by your business. The download packages contain animated banners of all the major file sizes. This gives you the freedom to select the designs that will match your site’s layout perfectly.

Most of the banner templates are optimized for flawless performance in responsive web environments. You may feel free to adjust the web banner designs according to your requirements using the PSD files, free fonts, premium licensed images, and the usable help files.

The most common features of animated banner designs from TemplateMonster include:

  • HTML5
  • PSD files included
  • Google ads optimized
  • Fully editable designs
  • Smooth animation effects
  • Free fonts
  • Help files (PDF + Professional Video Tutorials)
  • 100% free high-quality license images

Simply check out the collection of animated banner ads, choose the one that matches your business style, customize them while uploading your pieces of data, and simply insert those into your site.

What Types of Businesses are Animated Banners Better Suited?

Animated banner ads will help you achieve better audience engagement no matter what business niche you belong to. As a rule, these are especially popular among eCommerce projects. Custom animated ads can boost CTR of business, financial, and corporate web resources.

TemplateMonster gallery delivers a rich collection of animated banners that are ready to be used on websites belonging to sports, travel, fashion, decor, medical, holidays, and dozens of other niches.

Consider using animated banners for better user engagement and CTR boost!