Website Design and Development Services

Website design and development services to build any functional website from scratch.

Website Development Services - Overview

Our website building services provide the basis for creating a powerful website. These services include:

  ETA Price
Converting to WordPress 6 days $199
Fast&Reliable Hosting - $27
Store Setup 24 hours from $99
Online Store Integration 2-7 days from $59
Storefront Page Design 3 days $139
Installation 3 hours from $39
Color Scheme Change 24 hours from $49
Ready-to-Use Website 5 days from $79
Must-Have Plugins 1 to 2 days $59
Website Design Audit 7 days $79

Website Design and Development Services - Turnkey Installation

If you want to launch your website as soon as possible, our team can provide you with website building services from scratch. First of all, we can offer a fast and reliable hosting account, which is a must for creating a quality website. 
Secondly, if you have a website theme and you don’t want to study all the guidelines on its installation, our experts can perform a professional installation of your theme. We can install the theme on your hosting and check that everything works properly.
In addition, we can help you with the customization of your theme. Matching the color scheme and adding your logo are always an essential part of web design. You can trust our professionals with this, and they will find the best solution for you.
Furthermore, if you want to convert your template to WordPress, we can also help you. Our experts will transform the pages of your template into WordPress.

Enhancing Website - Plugins Installation in Website Development Services

To facilitate the process of managing and editing your website, our team offers professional installation of must-have plugins. The package of plugins includes carefully-selected, trusted professional extensions that will assist you in working with your pages. Thus, you don’t have to search for the plugins that will optimize your site’s managing experience. Our team has already done everything for you. 
To be precise, these plugins will help you with:

  • SEO optimization of your site;
  • tracking visitors’ behavior;
  • reducing images size;
  • editing posts, etc.

Store Setup and Integration in Website Development Services

When you are planning to run an online store, expert store installation and integration services will make your life much easier. Our professional team provides eCommerce website development services, too.
First of all, we can help you with the installation of your template and the integration of an eCommerce widget to it. Our team is experienced in WooCommerce, Virtuemart, and Ecwid store integration.
Secondly, we can assist you in configuring your online store. Particularly, our team can update pages with your content, add your logo, set up currencies, etc.

Website Design Audit in Website Design and Development Services

In case you have already installed your theme and adjusted it to your needs, our team can provide a qualified website design audit. We’ll check the UI and UX design regarding five major areas. Furthermore, our professional designers will make the analysis of branding and style. Also, we’ll check the responsiveness of your site and make sure that its navigation is clear. To help you avoid common mistakes in your site designs, we’ll provide you with detailed recommendations and guidelines.