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Corporate Identity

A corporate identity template is a set of pre-designed objects which determines the style of any company.
Template Monster’s corporate identity package usually includes the following items: logo, standard letterhead, envelope and business card layout.

About Corporate Identity Templates

Company or corporate style is of vital importance to any business. As a rule it costs a lot to develop a corporate style, because it requires the work of professional designers and managers. But we at Template Monster aim to support those who have just entered the business (newbies are usually limited by their budget), which is why we have released this kind of product, because it enables you to get your own corporate style with low price savings.
Corporate Identity Templates can be easily converted into the corporate design of a particular company with some customization work which usually includes replacing company name, colors, etc.

Template Monster & Corporate Identity Templates

We at Template Monster offer Unique Corporate Identity Templates and Non-Unique Corporate Identity Templates.
If you would like to be the sole owner of a corporate design package, you need to buy it under the unique price. When a Corporate Identity Template is purchased at the Unique price, it is removed from our database, and you get an absolutely exclusive corporate design at an affordable price. If the Unique Corporate Identity Template is bought for the Non-Unique price it will be moved to our database of Non-Unique Logo Templates.

Note: you cannot be the only owner of a corporate identity if you buy a Non-Unique Corporate Identity Template or if you buy a Unique Corporate Identity Template at the regular price.