Font Licenses

Read through this section to learn all the details regarding font licensing and the purchase products from the respective fonts category at the TemplateMonster marketplace. The licenses authenticate purchasers to use fonts under certain conditions.

Font Licenses Types

TemplateMonster marketplace users can benefit from the following types of font licenses: Desktop, Webfont, Webfont, E-pub, App. Depending on how many people will use and see the font, the following types of licenses can be applied.

License TypeAvailable for ReuseNumber of product uses/projectsLowest PriceHighest Price
WebfontNo10K pageviews/month, 100K pageviews/month, 1M pageviews/month$5$800

Desktop License

Desktop License is applied to all fonts to be installed on your computer. For example, you can buy TTF font files once, install them on your PC and use them an unlimited number of times. Yet, the fonts will serve you only in graphic editors or on print. Therefore, such a license requires you to determine the number of people that may need these fonts (your employees).

Can be used for:

  • Licensees only on the previously determined number of computers;
  • web app and website use only in rasterized form;
  • games only in rasterized format;
  • design or Print-on-Demand applications only by Licensees;
  • images, whether rasterized or vector, for viewing and printing.

Cannot be used for:

  • hardware or software;
  • the CSS rule @font-face (web fonts) or other forms of font linking;
  • any modification to create a substitute version of the font;
  • the way that makes them accessible to the public or non-licensed third parties;
  • the creation of alphabet products.

Webfont License

Well, you need this license to use fonts legally on websites you create or own. Webfont Licensing provides you with a set of file types responsible for several things, displaying the chosen font in modern browsers and all possible devices.
Every time a user visits your site, their browser automatically downloads your embedded fonts for temporary use. It ensures that headers and other text on your website will always look the way you want. Based on this, there are 3 types of Webfont licenses, which differ based on the number of monthly views - 10K pageviews/month, 100K pageviews/month, 1M pageviews/month. The total number of page views per month on all of your websites should be less than the number of page views you bought.

Can be used for/by

  • for commercial or personal purposes;
  • a web app and website use displayed only in the Licensee’s website(s), within the agreed-upon pageview limit;
  • embedding fonts only on the Licensee’s website(s) upon the agreed pageview limit.

Cannot be used for

  • games;
  • design or Print-on-Demand applications;
  • adesktop use.

App License

Are you a developer of mobile applications? Then, take a closer look at the app license. It permits the use of fonts for the mentioned purpose. Buying a font (fonts set), be sure to use them safely due to this special license.

A Licensee is also allowed to create titles, with the chosen fonts' help, for desktop apps or video games.

Can be used for/by

  • creating a mobile, desktop, or video game application title (but the embedded font can not be extractable after).

Cannot be used for

  • adds and any promotion;
  • broadcast content;
  • web apps and websites;
  • design or Print-on-Demand applications.

E-pub License

E-pub License is provided with fonts designed for e-books or other e-publications. They should be owned or controlled by a Licensee. Any resale/sublicense of assets protected with this agreement is strictly forbidden.

As for the number of e-books and other e-publications, they can be agreed with your sales manager. Accordingly, a chosen font is allowed to be embedded in that number of end products only.

It’s allowed to use purchased fonts to create quotes and sayings on end products. Still, you may not convert the entire alphabet and numerical characters.

Can be used for/by

  • E-books, E-cards, or E-magazines only (but the embedded font can not be extractable after).

Cannot be used for

  • web apps and websites;
  • games;
  • design or Print-on-Demand applications;
  • physical books.

Font Licensing FAQ

Can I trademark my logo with a font according to the license?

It's allowed to use a font as part of your logo if the original product is changed enough. Plus, it should not be the dominant element of the logo.

How many members of my team are permitted to use a Desktop font license?

The number of standard Desktop font(s) users is determined and agreed upon with your sales manager before the purchase is made.

Is it allowed to use a Licensed font for client work?

Yes, this is an extra sublicensing exception. You can sublicense the asset to a client during the transfer of an end product.

Can I use any font on my website?

Luckily, some circumstances enable this under the Webfont License. Just inform us of your purpose, and we’ll convert an item you prefer to a web font. The further parts of the workflow with the font are determined by the mentioned license.

Which font license should I choose for selling end products in bulk?

For this, rely on Desktop Licensing. Accordingly, it’s allowed to sell an unlimited number of copies of total end products.