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What You Get with Our Facebook Ads Audit:

Account-level audit
Campaigns & ads audit
Ads destinations analysis

How It Works:

  1. Getting the Details

    6 hours

    To start the Facebook ads audit, our support representative contacts the customer to get the order details. We need the access details to a customer's Facebook Business Manager Account.

  2. Ad Campaigns Analysis

    1 day

    We conduct a careful audit of a customer's Facebook Business Manager Account and ad campaigns. Next, we analyze all the collected information to work out the best strategy for Facebook ads optimization.

  3. Working out Recommendations

    1-2 days

    After the analysis is complete, we prepare a document with detailed recommendations on the customer’s ad campaigns improvement. It includes tips on the account & Facebook ads optimization.

  4. Sending PDF File

    1 day

    As soon as all the recommendations on optimizing the customer’s Facebook Business Manager Account, ad sets, expenses, and destinations are ready, we send a PDF file to the customer.

To Provide the Audit & Facebook Ads Optimization We Need:

  • access to your Facebook Business Manager Account

What You Get with Our Facebook Ads Audit

It goes without saying that advertising on Facebook is one of the most effective ways to find prospective customers. That’s why more and more businesses invest in Facebook ads to reach the users that may show interest in their products and services. However, not all business owners know much about all ins and outs of Facebook ad campaigns. Unfortunately, sometimes they just waste money for nothing displaying dull messages that lack engaging texts and images or targeting ads to the wrong audience.       

How to get the most out of my Facebook marketing? How to get the maximum ROI out of the ad campaigns I create? How to make Facebook advertising work for my target audience? If you have these questions in mind, something went wrong with your Facebook marketing strategy, and we can find out what!

Facebook Ads Audit & Optimization is a service that will set things straight for your business. It will help you stop losing potential customers and money, and start getting profits from your advertising campaigns. We provide professional Facebook ads audit in English and Russian. We make an in-depth audit of your Facebook Business Manager Account and current ad campaigns to find the best possible solutions for their fast improvement. We not only reveal the weaknesses that have a negative impact on your ad campaigns performance. We also recommend you how to optimize your account, ad sets, expenses, and destinations.

We provide three levels of the Facebook ads audit service. They are as follows:

  • Account Level Audit aimed at conversion tracking and custom audiences;

  • Campaigns & Ad Sets to carefully examine the content of your ads, budget, placements, and much more;

  • Ads Destinations to find out whether you are making the most out of the traffic you generate.

There’s no doubt that Facebook can become your primary driving force. However, to achieve this, it’s absolutely crucial to set up all the ad campaigns properly, create the right audiences, and track conversions. As a result of the audit made by our SMM team, you will understand how to improve your overall strategy of advertising on Facebook. It means that your ad campaigns will become effective in increasing your brand recognition, the number of loyal customers, and revenue.

Please note: You need to have a Facebook business page and business manager account.  


Does Facebook ads audit include implementing the changes to my ads and account?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. After completing an audit, we provide recommendations for your Business Manager Account and Facebook ads optimization. If you need to update your content, you will be able to purchase social media writing services and banners design with us. Also, we offer the Facebook Ad Campaign Creation service. Ask your personal manager or one of our sales agents in chat to provide you details of custom orders. 

What campaigns do you analyze?

We conduct an audit of all the campaigns that are created in the customer's Facebook Business Manager Account. They include Brand awareness, Traffic, Conversions, Messages campaigns, and much more. 

Will you check the Facebook pixel integration?

Yes, while conducting the Facebook ads audit, we verify that your Facebook Pixel is working correctly.


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AN Andy Dawson
Thanks for the reasonable recommendations. They do work. I’ve already tracked the first results, and I’m quite satisfied.
OL Olivia Willson
Amazing! My ads budget remains the same, but now I'm getting twice as many clicks. Great service for PPC optimization!
MA Mark Johnson
I liked the detailed report that you have provided me, and all your recommendations are rather to the point. Thanks!
  • Complete Optimization Guide
  • Fast Delivery
  • Customer Support
ETA ETA : 3-5 days
$179 $179
Do you have a question about the product? Get help at any time!

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