Website Maintenance Service

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  • Website health checks
  • Weekly website backups
  • Dev team assistance (5 hours per month)
ETA ETA : 12 months
$899 $899
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Website Maintenance Service Includes:

Up-time monitoring
We’ll install a plugin that will help us manage and monitor your website. If your site goes down, our maintenance team will get a notification right away. We'll be able to recover your website immediately.
Website health checks
Our experts will do regular health checks of your website to ensure that it doesn't have performance issues. This includes checking all common and vitally important pages for various types of errors and warnings, ensuring that: you have a valid SSL certificate, your content is rendered correctly, overall website performance is at a decent and acceptable level.
Weekly website backups
To ensure that none of your pages or files are lost, we'll perform weekly website backups.
Dev team assistance
During 5 hours per month, we will provide you with professional developers’ help, which includes installation of the template to your server, assisting you in adding content or graphics, changing the color scheme, installing and setting up widgets, or making minor changes to CSS/HTML.
Improvement suggestions
Our professionals will provide you with a detailed report that includes a list of improvements aimed to increase conversions and overall website performance. The report covers content-related and layout fixes, adding missing must-have pages (if any), and overall navigation and UX improvements.
Weekly updates
Our team will update plugins and modules within the current branch (version), e.g., 5.1 -> 5.2. We can perform major updates, such as 5.9 -> 6.0, for an additional fee. The fee depends on the amount and complexity of changes that we need to make to meet a particular major version’s requirements.
Monthly reports
We'll send you reports on the jobs done on your website during the month on the last business day of every month. It lets you check the progress on your site from month to month.
15% discount for customization services
You'll get a 15% discount for any quotes for customization services that the purchased services don’t include.

How Website Maintenance Service Works:

  1. 1. Collecting information

    from 15 min

    As soon as you buy the plan, your personal manager will contact you to supply us with details. We’ll find out the necessary information about your site, including site admin access, to provide website maintenance. We’ll take into consideration all your needs and business preferences.

  2. 2. Delivering Website Maintenance Service

    for 12 months

    Promptly after we get access, we’ll initiate website maintenance procedures. We’ll monitor your site to make sure it’s accessible online and will do health checks. We will provide you with monthly reports on the jobs that were done on your website. We'll check for new updates weekly to make sure your plugins or modules are up-to-date. To ensure that none of your data is lost, we'll perform weekly website backups.

What Is Website Maintenance Service?

Your website will be safe and sound with the TemplateMonster website maintenance service. Our professional team will manage issues related to real-time monitoring, weekly backups, regular updates, health checks, and much more. Order website maintenance service, and our team will take care of your website for the next 12 months.

To get assistance from our team, provide us with credentials to your cPanel and website's dashboard. Our representatives will reach you shortly after ordering the service and providing you with all the needed instructions.

Also, this service provides you with 5 hours of developers' assistance each month. This covers various customization requests, such as color scheme modification, layout changes, adding or replacing content, adjusting styles, setting up menus, and so on.

Whatever kind of questions or issues you may have, your personal manager will be always ready to assist. They will delegate tasks to our developers, providing real-time reports and answers to any questions you may have.

* The service is valid for one website.


What's included in the developer's hours?

You can rely on the professional developer's help if you want to make basic changes on your site.

We can help you install the template on your server, add content or graphics, change the color scheme, install and setup widgets, or make minor changes to CSS/HTML.

Non used hours are not transferred to the next month.

How do you start providing the Website Maintenance Service? How will you help me?

We'll get in touch with you as soon as you order the website maintenance service. You will get all the instructions with information you have to provide us with to perform all the services included in the package.

Does it matter which hosting I use?

We work with different hosting providers; that’s why the choice of hosting plan doesn't matter. Still, we would recommend you to choose hosting from our partners that have proven to be reliable. Besides ordering our services, you will also get a discount on your hosting plan.

Which platforms do you support?

We support WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, and OpenCart.

Do I pay once when choosing Website Maintenance Service?

Website Maintenance Service is a one-year subscription.

So, if you need the service for one year, we'll charge you once.

If you would like us to maintain your website for more than one year, the annual subscription cost will be deducted from your card every 12th month.

How should I inform you about the necessary tasks within the Developer’s Hours?

To initiate a task, please contact your manager.

The manager is always in touch, and you can email him at any time.

What information do you need to start managing my website?

To start website maintenance services, we’ll require access to your hosting, as well as access to the admin panel of your website.


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IV Ivan Razumovsky
I wish I found you guys earlier! I appreciate the high level of maintenance services that you deliver. Now I don't need to check my website on my own. I can feel confident that whenever something goes wrong, I will be immediately informed.
LU Luke Briton
I was looking for professionals who could help me manage my website. Thank you, TemplateMonster! I can always rely on your quick help and ensure that my site is always updated and safe.
JA Jane Robertson
I'm delighted that I came across TemplateMonster maintenance services for my WordPress website. I do not have much time to handle maintenance questions on my own. It's very convenient to have support managers always on line to send me reports and provide clear instructions on solving issues on my site.
  • Website health checks
  • Weekly website backups
  • Dev team assistance (5 hours per month)
ETA ETA : 12 months
$899 $899
Do you have a question about the product? Get help at any time!

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