Website Maintenance Pricing Plan

Website Maintenance Pricing Plan

If you want to get high-quality website maintenance services, trust experts from TemplateMonster. We’ll provide you with uptime website monitoring and regular health checks. Check and choose a plan for 12 month.

Supported platforms: WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart.

  • Up-time monitoring
    24/7/365 Website Monitoring
    The service includes 24/7/365 uptime monitoring. If your site goes down, our team will get a warning notification to bring it back online. The maintenance services are provided 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Website Maintenance Pricing Plan
    Website Health Checks
    We'll do health checks of your website to make sure its performance is intact, this includes checking all pages for various types of errors and warnings, ensuring that SSL certificate loads on all pages, your content is rendered correctly, and the overall performance is at a decent and acceptable level.
  • Website Maintenance Pricing Plan
    Keeping Your Website Up-to-Date
    Outdated versions of plugins and website engines are hackers' best friends. You need to run only the latest versions of the software your website is using. We'll make sure that it is installed correctly and in time.
  • Website Maintenance Pricing Plan
    Getting Rid of 404’s
    We'll monitor both internal and external links fixing all errors making sure they lead where they are supposed to. A broken link is one of the most irritating things a website user can face.
  • Website Maintenance Pricing Plan
    Ensuring Browser Compatibility
    There are so many browsers that people are using. No matter which browser they access your website with, the site will render perfectly.
  • Website Maintenance Pricing Plan
    Domain Name & Hosting Renewal
    Being a solopreneur can have an unexpected result. Imagine that you miss an email about the expiration of your domain or hosting. This can have a devastating effect on your business. We'll make sure this never happens.
  • Website Maintenance Pricing Plan
    Weekly Website Backups
    Sometimes pages are lost, or some functionality falls apart; weekly backups can help restore a fully functional copy of your website in a few clicks. The backup files are stored on your hosting account.
  • Website Maintenance Pricing Plan
    Dev Team Assistance (5 hours/mo)
    A perfect opportunity to improve or fix some of your website’s functionalities. With this option, you'll get professional assistance from our PMs, designers, and developers.
  • Website Maintenance Pricing Plan
    Recommendations and Improvements
    As a part of the Maintenance Services, you'll get a detailed report about things that can be changed or improved to maximize your website's performance. This covers content-related issues, adding/removing pages, or anything related to UX.
  • Website Maintenance Pricing Plan
    Monthly Reports
    On the last business day of the month, we'll send you a detailed report that highlights all tasks completed during the month. There you can check the month-to-month performance progress of your site.
  • Website Maintenance Pricing Plan
    Improving Website Accessibility
    A color scheme that makes it difficult to read text or distinguish a clickable element from a non-clickable is a major flaw. We'll help you fix this issue by improving website accessibility.
Secure online payment

Secure online payment

We guarantee that your payment details will be protected when making a purchase on our website. Due to the secure data transmission, nobody will get access to your payment information through our site.

14 days money back guarantee

14 days money back guarantee

We can refund you the money you paid for the package within 14 days after the purchase if you are not happy with the service. Please read our Refund Policyto find out the details.

At first, I believed that managing the site on your own is quite easy. When I had several mistakes on my site, I decided to address professionals, as there was no time to lose. I know that when my fashion website stops working, I lose money. TemplateMonsters were ready to optimize my site right after I bought the offer. Thanks a lot for your quick help! And I really appreciate your assistance with WooCommerce features. You made my life easier!

Our customers testimonials

Izabella Mckenna

I was looking for a reliable company that could cover all the website maintenance for me. And I’m happy I chose TemplateMonster for this! The yearly plan includes everything you need to get a working website. I know that I can devote all my time to my business, and I don’t have to check my site for mistakes on my own. I receive the reports regularly, and I’m sure that my site is always cared about!

Our customers testimonials

Grover Peters

Getting into all the technical details of site maintenance is quite troublesome. You need to know a lot if you want to check your site’s performance. I’m really delighted that I trusted the TemplateMonsters team with my photographer’s website. They found out that there were several errors that made my website’s content incorrectly displayed. My support manager gave very clear instructions on how to solve these issues. I was in doubt whether to purchase a yearly plan at once. Now, after a month, I’m fully satisfied with the service, so I’m going to continue cooperation with TemplateMonsters.

Our customers testimonials

Yunus Reynolds

FAQ about website
maintenance services


What tasks can you perform within
Developer’s Hours?

We perform the most demanded and popular tasks within the developer’s hours. These tasks include editing CSS files, simple edits of HTML, adding or changing the site content. Moreover, we can set up and configure essential plugins / modules, which we believe will boost your website's performance.

For example, we can instal the template to your server, change the color scheme of the template, add your logo, integrate simple plugins, help with template localization etc.


How do you start providing website maintenance services? Will you help me?

After you choose a subscription plan for website maintenance service, we’ll get in touch with you. Our team will send you all the instructions with information you have to provide us with so that we could perform all the services included in the package. In fact, the initiation of our maintenance services is very clear and simple.


Does it matter which hosting I use?

In general, it doesn’t matter to us, as we work with multiple hosting providers. However, we highly recommend hosting from our partnersthat we have checked up numerous times. Besides, we offer discounted prices to hosting packages with our plan.


Which platforms do you support?

We support WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart.


How do I pay for the service? Do I have to pay once?

As our service implies constant maintenance, it requires a subscription, but not a one-time payment. You can choose an annual subscription and there will be only one payment cost deducted from your card each 12 months.


How should I inform you about the necessary tasks within the Developer’s Hours?

To delegate the tasks, you have to write a message to your manager directly. The manager will contact you and will be in touch with you right after you subscribe so you can email him back at any time.


What information should I provide you with so you can start managing my website?

To start website maintenance services, we’ll require access to your hosting, as well as access to the admin panel of your website.

Want to discuss your project?

If you have any doubts concerning the best website maintenance package or want to ask a question related to your website management, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you, so let's talk!

Want to discuss your project?