Glamour Cosmetics Store Shopify Theme
Glamour Cosmetics Shopify Theme perfectly fits for stores selling Beauty apparels and Cosmetics. Theme is responsive and user-friendly as all the customization settings are provided in the admin.
Sales: 230
Support: 4.2/5
Sweets' King Store Shopify Theme
Your website will look like a virtual kingdom of cakes, sweets, cream and vanilla with Confectionery Shopify Theme. This gingerbread castle has its gates in the form of an arch. They are decorated...
Sales: 43
Support: 4.6/5
Apparelix Shopify Print Store Theme
Apparelix Shopify Print Store ThemeThe site template for the print store is a specialized, first-class solution with which you can easily create a high-quality site for a printing house or print...
Sales: 4
Support: 4.1/5

Best eCommerce Admin Panel Templates For Beginners

Creating a website is a time-consuming process that requires careful attention and time. It's possible to sell goods successfully and increase the number of orders only with an ultra-modern appearance, where all the necessary blocks and information are in a commonly accepted idiom. So it's easier for people to find the required data and order a service or item. However, to a large extent, editing and setting up sites depends on the web administrator's experience, programming knowledge, and ability to edit code. It's excellent that eCommerce admin panel templates allow beginners to make some settings through the website's dashboard. Choose a simple CMS, learn its basics, and be able to edit the blocks yourself, choose colors, move elements, align the text to the right edge, etc.

A trendy appearance, ease of use, and excellent usability characterize products on TemplateMonster. Choose your type of CMS and buy on our marketplace.

What Are eCommerce Admin Panel Templates

The products are the finished designs for the site, instantly turning it into a modern, visitor-friendly, and convenient web resource. Moreover, it's a full-fledged online store with all the necessary attributes for successful sales on the Internet. This point means the layout has the following functionality:

  • Basket.
  • Order form.
  • Built-in online consultant.
  • Possibility of integration with marketplaces.
  • Online payment.
  • Choice of currencies.

It would help to read the description to know a specific design's features.

We also note the main advantages of why people increasingly buy similar themes on marketplaces instead of ordering them from web developers:

  • They are saving time. The author needs to spend at least a couple of weeks creating a similar layout with the same characteristics and a modern appearance. After all, he thinks about the structure, achieves uniqueness, experiments with the arrangement of elements, and adds missing plugins. Our version only needs to be installed and configured.
  • A small budget. Look at the price of the standard layout version on TemplateMonster and find out how much similar work costs directly from a professional web designer. The figure differs tenfold.
  • Big selection. Even though by buying a theme, you are not its only user, there is plenty of choice on marketplaces. You even find options where you become the first customer. Also, thanks to a large assortment of settings, it's easy to achieve uniqueness and make your website beautiful and impressive.
  • Permanent novelties. The TemplateMonster range is constantly updated. Therefore, visitors get access to new items and buy only trendy products.

The distinguishing feature of eCommerce website templates with an admin panel is all editing takes place in the site's dashboard. Therefore, the buyer doesn't have to know detailed coding skills or understand programming. It's enough to order the layout you like, install it and try to change the appearance yourself. Even if you don't have time, order services from TemplateMonster from the link.

Features Admin Panel eCommerce Template

Like all goods from web developers, our items have their technical features. Below we list the characteristics that every buyer appreciates:

  • SEO-friendly. No matter what CMS you use. The authors have prepared your sites for successful further promotion in search engines.
  • Responsive. Adaptability of design has long been a necessity for online store owners. Now your sections look convenient from the screen of any gadget.
  • Wishlist. With the help of the function, it's convenient to choose and unobtrusively tell your friends your wishes for the holiday.
  • Quick view. The client's decision depends on what you show. The visitor needs help to read the details about each vacuum cleaner model. But it's enough to know the main characteristics.
  • Blog, Gallery, Portfolio. Depending on the business type, you need certain sections to demonstrate your company correctly. Just download eCommerce admin panel template and get a few layout options for essential pages.
  • Updates. An outdated or incompatible theme with CMS needs to be corrected. The authors regularly monitor their goods and guarantee their working conditions.
  • Drag and Drop content—an additional plus to simplify the process of filling pages.
  • Retina Ready. Pictures look amazing on Apple phones and similar gadgets with high pixel density.

Each product is unique and has its advantages. Read the description to find out the details.

Paid And Free eCommerce Admin Panel Template

If you understand the fundamental difference, you can make a suitable choice.

Let's determine the main differences:

  • Lack of support. Yes, only the authors of the purchased options provide you with the service - all thanks to the fact they have the opportunity to hire a specialist who answers questions quickly and competently.
  • Need to be updated. Sadly, an eCommerce admin panel template free download isn't a long-term result. Sooner or later, you need to update your plugins or CMS. Due to incompatibility, the appearance of pages deteriorates, or they stop working altogether.
  • Old-fashioned design. Trends change not only for clothes, accessories, or luxury items. Even large companies sometimes improve the look of their online store, change their logo to a more fashionable version or update their mobile application. Often the most striking themes people can only find for a fee. The reason is web developers use only the latest technologies and techniques for creation. Sometimes this functionality is paid, but the authors cannot afford it as an admin panel template for eCommerce website free download.

As you see, several indisputable factors influence your choice. Make up your mind, watch the demo, and get a guaranteed excellent result!

Helpful Video For Every Marketer

On our channel, everyone may receive material on the desired topic. There are manuals for installing themes, trend reviews, tips on choosing fonts, etc.

eCommerce Admin Panel Templates FAQ

How to get a design?

Go to the product page, add it to the cart. Make sure you have selected the correct license and added the missing services. Go to the order form and be sure to specify your email. Complete the online payment process. Receive the e-letter and upload the file.

How to choose eCommerce admin panel templates?

The collection contains layouts for different CMS. Be sure to choose your option. It can be Magento, WordPress, Shopify, or PrestaShop. Then watch the demo and search for the style you need. Check the mobile version by clicking on the phone icon in the preview. Read the description and make complete conclusions. Shop at TemplateMonster and get the best.

How to configure eCommerce admin panel templates?

It is easy to edit the appearance with the help of instructions. Each paid graphic comes with detailed documentation. Find the desired setting, read how to make it step by step, and get started.

How to sell on TemplateMonster?

Have a graphic that you want to share with customers? Excellent! Register using the link and upload your creations to your account. Start offering unique and fantastic designs, graphics, ready-made layouts, and amazing content!