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Adobe Illustrator Resume Templates to Find the Job of Dreams

Are you looking for a new job or want to take a higher level in your career? You consider a high-quality and professional resume. Modernity requires a creative and structured approach to such things. This affects your reputation and the outcome of the interview. If you do not have the skills to use graphic editors, then TemplateMonster has a great selection of adobe illustrator resume templates. You can add your information, operate any fonts or styles, and make the necessary changes in the design.

Adobe Illustrator Resume Template Meaning

A CV is a marketing tool that advertises you as an expert in a particular field. This document presents you in the best light and increases the chances of a successful interview. Adobe Illustrator resume template is a ready-made blank form that you fill out with information about your biography, work experience, education, skills, and other knowledge that affects the achievement of your goal for the position. It is difficult to make an impression with a simple CV, as there may be many applicants for one job. So you need to make your document visually stand out from your competitors! Agree that using MS Word and Google Docs, the text often gets corrupted and changes its location. To avoid this, we recommend using ready-made layouts with a good design. With the skin from TemplateMonster, such complications cannot happen, as all items are thoroughly checked before going to the marketplace.

Kinds of Resume Templates

CV is a guide to the dream company. To choose the most successful option, you should understand their types. It depends on the desired position. The right choice helps to conveniently structure information: your work experience, achievements, and skills.

There are four types of CV: chronological, functional, combined, and creative. In this article, you will learn about each type and how to write it correctly to impress the recruiter.

Chronological summary

This is a list of places of education, work, volunteer activities, etc. Here it is critical to follow the exact order. This shows recruiters that your recent experience matches the job seeker's needs. This presents you as a successful employee and demonstrates that you have had a career without interruptions or layoffs. This format is ideal for those who work in the same industry all their lives. A potential employer knows your progress and career growth.

Functional CV

It gives insight into who you are, what you do, what problems you can solve, what you're passionate about, etc. This type is suitable for recalling a specific vacancy and not for placement on job search sites. You demonstrate your skills will be needed by the company. And this option is also suitable for those who took a break in their career or changed their field of activity.

Creative resume

This view goes beyond the standard job search document. You may have already come across options in the form of infographics, software, or a website. It may not suit every applicant. But this option can best demonstrate your skills and talents, and you also note examples of your work. This type is ideal for designers, illustrators, architects, photographers, decorators, editors, etc.


This includes a sequential description of work experience and education from a chronological type, as well as skills and specific target information from a functional document. It will suit everyone who wants to tell more about themselves but use a familiar file.

How to Make a Resume in Adobe Illustrator

According to statistics, in 30 seconds, the employer, first of all, reviews the following points of the document: what the candidate has been doing for the past three months, whether he has career growth, whether he has the necessary skills, and in which city he is located. Therefore, such information should be highlighted so it can be easily found.

Highlight contact information

Enter the following details at the top of the document: full name, phone, email address, links to social networks, and postal address.

You can highlight such a block with a bright color. Age and marital status should not be added to this section. For example, it is prohibited in the USA.

Specify work experience

Modern resumes should be result-oriented. The employer needs to understand what benefit you will bring to the company. So it is currently better to use a combined or functional document type. Focus on your achievements, not your titles. Prove why you are better than other competitors. If you can boast of professional experience, place this section in the center of the document. List your jobs backward. Do not describe the position, but rather mention the achievements. If you had a break from work, it is better to indicate it.

Describe your education

Indicate only those institutions whose specialties affect your future place of work. But if you do not have experience, your education is your opportunity to prove that you are worthy of the position. Once you start growing as a specialist, then this section can be dropped below. Sometimes it will be enough for you to indicate only the name of the educational institution, major, degree, and year of graduation. You can also include information about academic awards.

Specify helpful skills

There are concepts of hard skills and soft skills. The first is related to the ability to work in programs, communicate in foreign languages, drive a car, etc. Others talk about your personal qualities: sociability, stress resistance, enthusiasm, etc.

In this section, you focus on the vacancies that interest you. Consider whether you have the qualities that match the position. Be sure to specify the key characteristics helpful for this work. Adobe Illustrator resume templates from TemplateMonter provide custom designs where you can indicate your skill level visually with charts, scales, graphs, charts, and more.

Main Tools of Adobe Illustrator for Resume Templates

Software tools help to create creative works quickly and without unnecessary resources. Here you will find everything you need for your purpose.

When you open the program, you will see a panel of instruments you often use during design. There are six categories of tools in the software:

  • Drawing: These components will help you create the basis of your illustrations. You change the contours of objects and also set the perspective. You also add diagrams and symbols. These elements include Pen, Pencil, Add Anchor Point, Remove Anchor Point, Anchor Point, Curve, etc.
  • Selection: Before you start designing, you should select one or all artwork elements. You move, rotate, and transform different components with certain degrees of precision. This option includes Selection, Partial Selection, Group Selection, Magic Wand, Lasso, Artboard, etc.
  • Navigation: This allows you to focus on a specific part of the image. This is how you perform basic operations such as scaling, rotating, dragging, adding grids, etc. These tools include Hand, Rotate View, Scale, etc.
  • Stylization: You have a great collection of vector brushes for filling and hatching. You also create new colors and complex shapes to create a fantastic impression of your result. These components include Gradient, Grid, Create Shapes, Quick Fill, Select Quick Fills, etc.
  • Text: this is an integral part of the CV. With this, you can add text and style it any way you like. You also add various effects and contours. You will get access to the following elements: Text, Text in an area, Text on an outline, etc.
  • Modification: to manipulate objects and paths, you operate with additional elements. Check out these components: Rotate, Mirror, Scale, Tilt, Redraw, Width, and more.

Choose Adobe Illustrator Resume Templates from TemplateMonster

The marketplace provides more than a thousand items of adobe illustrator resume templates. They are all different and have their differences and advantages. But the products meet all the standards of a high-quality CV, which attracts the attention of every employer. How to choose the most suitable for you among a large number of options?

  1. First, analyze where you want to work and what position to hold. Focus on your experience, education, skills, and hobbies. You should decide on the document type: chronological, functional, creative, or combined.
  2. Pay attention to the structure of the document. It should match your chosen type and request. You fill out the file yourself or use a ready-made version. The editors advise you to follow the steps. Note that many companies use the ATS candidate scoring system. It scans the questionnaires and automatically discards those not eligible for the request.
  3. An employee questionnaire can be compared to an advertising campaign. This is one of the ways of self-presentation designed for a narrow circle of readers. Therefore, the visual component in the document plays an important role: attracting attention, standing out among other competitors, placing emphasis on the necessary blocks, and creating a positive impression of the candidate. Try a good design with one or two columns, and use infographic elements. This will save your and the reader's time and add originality to your document.
  4. The designs created by the authors using the specified software are the most flexible in editing. You can change colors, styles, and fonts and add interactive infographics, pictures, columns, etc.

To quickly find the necessary item, we recommend using the left panel with filtering. Choose the topic suitable for your niche: Animals & Pets, Art & Culture, Medical, Real Estate, Design & Photography, Education & Books, Business & Services, Cars & Motorcycles, Computers & Internet, Entertainment, Games & Nightlife, Home & Family, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Restaurant, Society & People, etc. It is a significant step because you will find the necessary for your position columns and fields. If you are interested in specific design elements, specify the tags: professional, cover letter, clean, elegant, a4, doc, infographic, minimalist, corporate, portfolio, print, multipurpose, etc. You can also sort all items by the availability of file format: EPS, PSD, AI, DOCX, PDF, INDD, DOC, JPG, JPEG, PNG, TXT, SVG, RAW, and TIFF. Please note that you can make a resume in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. If you want to know additional characteristics of curriculum vitae products, then choose the sorter on the top panel: Trending, Bestsellers, Lowest Price, Highest Price, Top Rated, and Newest Products.

How to Choose Adobe Illustrator Resume Templates Video

If you do not have time to search for a high-quality resume, try our CV list for you. Here you can familiarize yourself with the TOP ten curriculum vitae items from TemplateMonster and choose the best option. Enjoy watching.

Adobe Illustrator Resume Templates FAQ

How to Create Adobe Illustrator Resume Template?

A professional and effective CV makes a good impression on you as a candidate. Adobe Illustrator is a software that enables users to create various graphic images using digital tools. Follow these guidelines to develop a quality curriculum vitae:

  • Choose the type of CV that best describes your experience for the specific position.
  • Follow trends in the design of similar documents.
  • Review all your data and highlight the most significant things that will affect the result.
  • Choose a strategy for creating a curriculum vitae: do it yourself or download a ready-made version.
  • Add convincing and truthful information about yourself. Write briefly, and do not waste the reader's time.
  • Choose a formatting style to enhance your design.
  • Decide on a color palette and font.
  • Read and edit the result.

What Adobe Illustrator Resume Template Type Is the Best?

There are four main types of CV: chronological, functional, creative, and combined. The choice depends on your work history and the goal you set for yourself. When creating or customizing a document in the software, there are no problems if you want to change the format. You should rearrange some blocks and add the required graphic elements. If you need to print the file, you can do it through a program on your computer.

How Long Should an Ideal Adobe Illustrator Resume Be?

It depends on your education and other information that the potential employer will need. Normally you should fit everything on two A4 pages. But the academic curriculum vitae can consist of five. You can edit all TemplateMonster layouts, and edit or add elements. And you can also increase the number of pages. Your document will look efficient and professional.

What Format Can You Use for Adobe Illustrator Resume Template?

To share the file and have it opened by any user, we recommend saving the document in PDF format. This guarantees the transfer of the result without loss of quality and form on any gadgets. You also have the option to quickly scan it.