Food - Android Food Delivery App Template

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Food Delivery is a mobile template application with the purpose to show the products, mainly food products, sold by a restaurant to the clients. The clients can order and pay for the food in the application.

The application is developed 100% in Android. The app is easy to use and Android ready.

Main Products Page

Checkout the list of the food offered by the restaurant. You have the option to add them to your cart with just two clicks.

Create your desired food item

You can personalise your own pizza (or different kind of food) by adding the ingredients, selecting size and type.

Slide Menu

Burger Menu from the left panel; you can see the order history and reorder the same food. Also, you can change details about your account and access privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Checkout View

You can checkout your order and choose how to pay it from multiple ways (paypal, stipe, on delivery, by card, etc).

Additional Information

The current array we use for the list of products is a local raw/json file, please read the documentation file (PDF) provided as a part of the package you purchased. It contains all the information you may need to modify the app to your suiting.

You will need to change that raw/json file or even better parse a remote JSON file that you would generate from your own backend/server. It’s important to make sure that you have the array mapped to work with the app or modify the app to work with your own desired structured based on your backend. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

We’ve added Stripe, so you can process payments for the application with client’s Credit cards. Also, we’ve added PayPal as an alternative payment method.

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