Munix It is a store template with a special, creative and modern design that helps you display your store website in the best condition without having to mess with different sizes of smartphones.

The use of smart phones and laptop computers are much more attractive With this format, you can check a fantastic user experience for users to figure.


Bootstrap 5.1

PWA Ready

Dark Mode




Alerts & Toasts

Form validation

Automated Online/Offline Detection

Versatile Mobile Template

Nicely Designed

Notifications Page

Easy to Customize

Clean & 100% Validate Code

All Credits:


Google Fonts

Animate CSS

Owl Carousel

Font Awesome



jQuery Easing

WoW js

Google Maps

& many moreā€¦

PWA is when your user visits your website, it will show a notification to add to the home screen. If the user adds by clicking on the Add Now button, then he can use it like native apps from the home screen of his mobile phone. Which will give your user a very good experience.

Change Logs


Added 404 Page, invoice, privacy-policy, forget-password, notifications

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