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Great template, we pushed it to the limits and no problem at all. If it somehow gets harder, beyond boundries, support is there to help. Quick and efficient. Great all around!

K.A. Carmiggelt
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This template worked very well for us. The purchase process was as advertised, and we were able to begin our project on the same day that the template was chosen. Installation docs were included and were accurate, we installed our system against an Amazon EC2 Lightsail instance, and there were no problems. It was up and running with all demo data in about 90 minutes. All other contents in the template appear to be complete. We are happy with this purchase.

robert hoffman
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Hazel is exactly what Im looking for. It is clean, minimalist, came with one click installed demo and visual builder. Perfect for anyone looking for simplicity.

claudia winata
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A++ You Knocked This One Out Of The Park!!! Where do I start? Firstly I have a lot of experience in website templates but Im fairly new to Wordpress. I purchased this template because I was very impressed with the design. After purchase I was blown away by all the work and detail that was put into this particular template. It isnt as easy to learn as Elementor but once you learn the builder (WpBakery) it almost seems easier to customize. It definitely gives you more customization options. I bought this template to deconstruct and learn how it was built but I may end up using it for my own site. A++ Guys. You knocked this one out of the park. -Steve Haun Pixel Point WebWorks

Steven Haun
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