Baby Icons Vector Sets to Download - PNG, SVG, PSD, CDR, AI formats

Walls of texts with no breaks in between are outmoded. This is why images and baby icons are so appreciated and used across the internet.

It doesn't matter the format or screen dimension; icons are suitable for everything. Also, if you own a business, it doesn't matter the industry in which you operate. Nowadays, expert designers can create icons from scratch representing almost every object, idea, or concept.

The baby product market industry is not an exception. Websites, eBooks, brochures can be all enriched with baby icons. These are graphical representations of baby toys, objects, or clothes.

Embedding these icons will not only allow you to capture the users' attention, but they'll also improve the navigation and functionality throughout your website or document.

Also, they'll serve to break language or cultural barriers. All users understand the meanings of icons, even if they come from or live in another country or speak another language. Thus, using icons will help you make your content or website accessible to everyone, gaining trustworthiness.

However, to perfectly perform their functions, icons need to be created by experts who are proficient with using some specific professional software.

If you're inexperienced, creating an icon from scratch could be difficult, and you could end up with poor results.

This is why you may prefer buying ready-made icons.

Baby Icons at TemplateMonster

At TemplateMonster marketplace, you can find a wide range of baby icon sets representing the more disparate objects and ideas.

All the icons are ready to use. However, they're all editable and customizable. This means that if you don't like, for example, the color, you'll be able to edit it using an online tool or software.

Plus, all the icons are available in different formats. This will allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, if you intend to edit the icon using Adobe Illustrator, the AI format is the best choice.

Baby icons types

Throughout the marketplace, you'll find different baby icon types. The following are some of the most common you can encounter:

  • Baby clothes
  • Baby tools
  • Toys
  • Stroller
  • Milk bottle
  • Diaper
  • Kids
  • Baby feet
  • Children
  • Baby faces

Where to place baby icons

As previously mentioned, icons can fit almost every digital or physical product. Their use is widespread, and you have a lot of options. Here are listed some of the most generic:

  • Ecommerce
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • eBooks
  • Social media posts
  • Instagram stories highlight covers

Icon formats available at TemplateMonster

All the icons designed by experts and sold on TemplateMonster marketplace are available in different formats. Some of the most popular are:

How to edit baby icons

All the baby icons are editable. This means you can change their color, shape, or design using an apposite software or online tool. Some of the most used are:

  • Adobe Illustrator;
  • CorelDraw;
  • RedKetchup;
  • Flaticon editor;
  • X-icon editor.

How icons improve the user experience

Icons don't only perform the function of visual elements. It's proven that they can also improve the user experience, making it more memorable.

Below are listed some of the most relevant advantages icons bring.

Icons guide users

Icons help the users take actions and navigate throughout a website, document, or presentation. Think about, for example, a play button for a video. Without such a symbol, users would be forced to read lines and lines of text, which will make them annoyed soon, and they'll be tempted to leave.

Icons are eye-catching

Icons serve mainly as visual elements. This signifies they're able to make the content more appealing to users' eyes. This impression will make the user experience more memorable, and users will be more likely to come back or interact deep further with your website or document.

Icons provide functionality

Icons can also be used as buttons. In other words, by clicking on them, users will be able to reach a page with content related to what the icon represents. Other than this, icons can guide users across a path leading them to the final action.

Tips for icon choice and usability

When choosing and adding icons to your content, you should pay attention to some details. By doing so, you'll make sure the icons will generate the desired results, producing a good impression in the users' minds.

The following are some of the most relevant tips you must follow.

Choose a clear and simple design

The first element to take into consideration when choosing an icon is its design. It must be simple and immediately clear to the user. In other words, users should be able to understand their meaning instantly. Thus, you should avoid too many complex and intricate designs that will appear confusing, especially if made smaller.

Ensure design consistency

Icons should fit your preexisting content and layout. This means they should have a suitable design. If not so, you should edit the icons with the colors, shapes, and styles that reflect your brand identity, ensuring design consistency throughout your website or document.

Leave enough space between icons

When adding icons to your website or document, you should also consider leaving enough space between them. They should be spaced enough to let the users easily see and understand them, guaranteeing the best readability.

Choose the right format and size

You should resize icons keeping in mind the overall layout of your website or document. You should adapt icons by choosing a proportionate size, which will allow them to be visible and easily capture the users' attention.

Add animation to them

When possible, add animations to your icons. Make them eye-catching and interactive. For example, make the icons perform an animation every time the user hovers the mouse over them. This will make the user experience more interactive and memorable.

Baby Icons FAQ

What are baby icons?

Baby icons are vector-based representations of clothes, objects, or ideas related to babies (e.g., stroller icon).

What is a vector?

A vector is a representation made up of lines, curves, and shapes based upon mathematical formulas. Their main feature is their scalability. To explain it, you can resize and make them bigger or smaller while keeping their original high resolution.

How to convert baby icons from PNG to ICO?

If you need to convert the icon format from PNG to ICO, you can use several available online converters tools. Some of the most common are:

  • ConvertICO;
  • CloudConvert;
  • Convertio.

What programs open SVG baby icons?

Several programs open SVG icons. Some of the most known are:

  • Adobe Illustrator;
  • CorelDRAW;
  • Adobe Photoshop;
  • Inkscape.

What is the best size of baby icons?

The best icon size may vary based on where you're going to place the graphics. Different screen sizes and formats may require different icon sizes. However, 16x16 is a fair size. Otherwise, you can choose among the following other standard sizes:

  • 24x24;
  • 32x32;
  • 48x48;
  • 96x96;
  • 256x256.

Baby Icon Sets Unlimited Download with MonsterONE

Downloading only a baby icon set couldn't be enough for your necessities. In this case, a subscription to MonsterONE could be the right solution for you. It will let you download unlimited sets of icons and many other digital graphics. This way, you'll be able to frequently update your content with the latest designs and professional graphics