Helpful Blog Admin Panel Templates

On this page, you can see beautiful design options for your company. Food delivery services, online stores, taxis, and medical institutions often need a comfortable workplace where employees fix orders or make appointments for patients to see a doctor. However, not all clinical administrators or sales managers have experience forming online buys. In this case, blog admin panel templates will help you a lot. This ready-made layout for your dashboard will organize information, make its location intuitive, and make the appearance pleasant. So buy our products and build regular work within the team.

Who Needs Blog Dashboard Panel Templates

These items are helpful to all businesses working on the Internet. For example, a director who wants to transfer his company to a new level always looks for ways to optimize work processes. Forming and processing the buys in the employee's account gives the following advantages:

  • All current and completed order information remains in the database for a long time.
  • There is no need to search for individual employees' records regarding the order's terms. Even if someone buys a door or window from you, you may easily save all measurements on the dashboard.
  • Establishing teamwork allows the building of an effective team. Now everyone who knows the login and password has access to the information. This point helps to quickly and efficiently receive information about the parameters, requirements, terms, and cost of goods. Consequently, it reduces employee communication time and eliminates unnecessary meetings.

Every business that wants to grow and develop must have its dashboard for adjusting work processes. Who are among our customers:

  • Marketing and PR agencies.
  • Building materials and tools.
  • Clothing, shoes, and accessories.
  • Food delivery.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Pet stores.
  • Online baby food and clothing stores.
  • IT companies.
  • Supermarkets.
  • Tourist agencies.
  • Hotels and restaurants.

All these companies want a beautiful and convenient design where you can easily find the necessary information. Additionally, in a few hours, you may train a new employee to make a reservation for a table in a cafe or a room in a hotel. So look, choose, and buy on TemplateMonster.

The Benefits Of Blog Admin Panel Templates

As you understand from the name, the list of goods above has a common feature - a built-in blog.

Here are the situations when this feature help:

  • When you need to post instructions for personnel training, for example, create a manual on how to place an order for food delivery. Then, a new employee enters the dashboard, reads the instructions, and begins work.
  • To inform company employees about changes. These innovations may concern work receiving orders and general news of the company's life.
  • Auxiliary materials for sales stimulation. For example, place an article in the section about the most popular dishes of a restaurant to advise a potential buyer of the signature pasta or sushi. Also, separately publish an article about what wines go well with meat or fish. Please, use this approach for other businesses, not just food. So, compile your list of valuable articles for stimulating sales.

These benefits are valuable. Have you not thought about this functionality before? Please reconsider your priorities and buy a layout with the possibility of placing additional helpful instructions for your colleagues.

Features Of The Blog Admin Panel Templates

Web developers always care about their customers. That is why the layouts have many additional settings and features. Below we list the most valuable additions.

Responsive Layouts

Employees often accept orders from smartphones or tablets. The function helps to adapt to any screen size. At the same time, all functionality is preservable, and the appearance does not suffer.

Search Engine Friendly

Thanks to several completed works, search engines respond positively to pages and give them a place of honor in their ranking. This point is significant if the dashboard has the same domain as your online store. Also, select the best themes for online shops.

Retina Ready

Some gadget screens have a unique pixel density. As a result, sites or pages on the Internet that don't have this technology cannot display the images correctly, they will be blurry. Retina Ready allows you to have an excellent appearance on such screens, which include all Apple devices.


The theme quickly adapts to the requirements of any business if you see this item in the topic's description. But first, test the demo to determine whether the appearance suits you.

Team Members

Having this section, your team of professionals effectively communicates with each other without the help of managers. After all, finding the right colleague among dozens of people is more manageable by searching for his data in this section.

Sample Content

While adjusting the layout and filling it with content, you immediately see which blocks you need to fill with text. Web developers have written test sentences where the text is needed. Replace texts with your own and get the finished appearance of the page.


Technology adds beauty and aesthetics, which is essential for practical work within the team.

Background Video

With its help, you can post tips for sellers or use the tool more creatively. For example, launch a New Year's Eve video that lifts everyone's mood.

Support And Updates

Web developers are grateful to you for choosing their product. Therefore, they provided permanent support for all layouts. In addition, most companies buy designs for a long time. Consequently, all elements must be updated and work without failures.


Web developers have added other useful features to their items besides free support. These can be pictures, additional features, plugins, etc. Please read the description to find out what the programmers included in the theme.

Blog Admin Panel Templates FAQ

How to download blog admin panel templates?

To get started, choose, order, and pay for a theme. After that, you will receive an email with the product in the form of a file. Click on the file and select Download. Next, choose a place or folder on the computer where you want to save the layout.

How to configure blog admin panel templates?

You will receive answers to editing questions in the instructions. In addition, every buyer receives a detailed manual describing how to make each setting step by step.

Why are blog admin panel templates better than free ones?

These layouts are more modern. They are fully responsive and designed as intuitively as possible. You will also get much more options for settings, free support for six months, editing instructions, and regular updates.

How to find more blog admin panel templates?

If you want more choices among dashboard designs, please visit the link, where there is a complete list of options with different features.