Newsletter PrestaShop module
Offer customers to subscribe to your newsletter in the form of a pop-up notification for maximum visibility. The module is meant to display a message asking users to join the mailing list of your...
Sales: 4
Support: 4.2/5
Deal of the Day PrestaShop module
Add a sense of urgency to your offers and boost your sales by means of the Deal of the Day module. With the help of this module you will be able to apply various permanent and time-limited...
Sales: 15
Support: 4.2/5
Pop-Up Manager PrestaShop module
JX Pop-Up Manager module is a great tool to show the important content to customers in priority. It provides you a perfect opportunity to notify your customers on all significant information by...
Support: 4.2/5
Quasar form Pro WordPress Plugin
Quasar Form Pro - Premium WordPress Form Builder. A simple and convenient constructor of forms and calculators. Allows you to create dynamic form and quiz. You can completely control the design of...
Sales: 27

The Best Advertising Plugins to Promote Your Brand

Creating a website nowadays isn't enough to make it successful. You need to handle every detail and think through the steps ahead to achieve the desired visibility and profits. Sell high-quality goods, create unique platforms, give your customers the best possible experience, and don't forget advertising power. The strong players in the online environment invest tremendous amounts of money in website promotion. Do the same, but save money using our ready-made advertising plugins. These extensions allow you to improve every website component, from event banners to SEO link building and affiliate marketing. Hurry through our collection and select the add-ons that will do their job best.

What's The Purpose Of Employing Advertising Plugins?

The rules are simple when it comes to online marketing. You risk being left behind on a list of thousands of products and services without advertising. You have a greater chance of getting noticed by a potential client and therefore gain the benefits of cooperation if you put more effort in. Here are its main advantages:

Attracting traffic

This is the most effective way. If you organize everything correctly, traffic benefits both search engine promotion and business in general. After applying extensions, you'll literally start seeing conversions to your platform instantly.

Increased sales

Use the tools to advertise on the website, and also on social networks, through newsletters, etc. It allows you to communicate with potential clients at different stages of the sales funnel and lead them step-by-step to the decision to buy your goods.

Increase brand awareness

Even content plugins can help you with this. It's an essential tool for building market position, promotion via search results and reviving old blog pages. You have no limits on the means of expression.

Who Benefits from Our Advertising Extensions?

There are WordPress plugins, PrestaShop modules, and Magento extensions available in our collection. And that's not all, because we're constantly expanding the assortment to let you work with your favorite CMS. These offerings are perfect for:

  • Starting businesses. If you are just entering the market, it is vital to generate demand and run ads to stimulate interest in your services or products. You also generate activity on the online marketplace through our modules.
  • Scalable business. It concerns the opening of more offices and stores in different parts of the world. And if you are popular in your region, there can be a problem in another place. To avoid them, think through promotional moves. Special extensions clearly target advertising to an audience in a particular region.
  • Restarting business. It often happens that companies need to rebrand and rework their deals. A/B testing and digital advertising plugins help you at this stage.

Key Features of Advertising Plugins

With pre-made plugins, you get a flexible workflow and effective results. They have the following features:

  • compatibility with different page builders,
  • mobile responsive layouts,
  • SEO-friendly features,
  • flexible admin panel with the necessary tools,
  • compatibility with different versions of CMSs,
  • work without coding errors,
  • operation without the requirement of connecting additional tools.

5 Best Elementor Add-ons: Advertising Plugins, Development Modules and Other Tools

Watch this video to learn more about the extensions you'll need for website development. You get an in-depth overview of the best add-ons and examples of how to use them. Check it out and benefit from powerful products!

Advertising Plugins FAQs

How do I choose advertising plugins?

Rely on the website analysis. It helps to determine which extensions you need. Then browse our collection. Select on the left sidebar to clarify the criteria including features, tags, prices, and more. Then look at reviews, ratings, and features of the provided options. It'll help you choose the perfect add-on.

How to buy advertising extensions?

Add the selected product to the shopping cart. At this stage, the marketplace offers additional items for development. If necessary - add them to the purchase. Go to the page with the checkout steps. Enter your info (phone number, email, payment method) and confirm the action. The product link will appear in your email within minutes after payment.

Can I get free advertising plugins?

Take advantage of MonsterONE service. Subscription provides you with the best premium products almost free of charge. Give a small monthly or annual fee and download an unlimited number of web solutions, including a huge number of extensions.

Do I get technical support when buying advertising plugins?

After purchasing, you get 6 months of support for a small fee.