What are Affiliate Marketing and Magento Affiliate Extensions

There are numerous options for businesses to promote their products and services on the market. Defining what strategy would be the most effective is a serious challenge. However, the universal solution is a combination of several methods. Affiliate marketing, along with SEO, email newsletters, PPC, and social media is a powerful tool in helping businesses grow. The concept of this method involves increasing brand awareness and sales through the affiliates who promote your brand to new audiences. The technique is beneficial for both "players" because, in case of successful trades, the affiliate earns a commission.

The most convenient way to multiply the sales rates and allow people to get a passive income is by automating an affiliate program. This is made possible by combining the eCommerce website with a specific plugin. Magento is a popular platform for building an online store.

According to statistics for 2023, more than 260,000 sites are powered by Magento 1 and Magento 2. Obviously, many marketplaces and retail stores are striving to implement affiliate marketing into an overall Marketing strategy. TemplateMonster offers to try Magento affiliate extensions to boost your online store functionality and drive more traffic to your website.

Plugins don't require special skills to complement your virtual toolkit and site interface. You don't need to hire a developer to add new features to the admin panel and new modules to the pages. The plugin is easy to install through the platform admin panel.

Benefits You Get Installing Magento Affiliate Extensions

  • High return on your investment with no effort. The plugins allow you to implement a marketing strategy where affiliates handle every step themselves. Unlike other promotion models where you have to invest with risks, here you only buy add-ons and get money when deals are made.
  • Improving conversions. Only one extension helps to get traffic from third-party resources that affiliates use to bring you customers and get commissions.
  • Expanding the brand's reach. Most of your partners represent your products or services for your target audience initially interested in your niche.
  • Getting high ROI. Using the features provided by the plugin allows you to save on clicks and views. Instead, you only pay for closed deals.
  • Credibility boost. Building a reliable network of affiliates with the add-on, you improve your brand recognition and provide social proof through third-party promoters. This significantly contributes to reputation improvement.

Magento Affiliate Extensions Features

The feature set of classic affiliate plugins may include:

  • Integration with eCommerce online store;
  • Automatic affiliate link and advertising tracking;
  • Customizable registration forms;
  • Automatic affiliate system;
  • Referral tracking;
  • Responsive layout;
  • Links categories;
  • Secure commissions payment system and protection from hackers;
  • Features for connecting discounts;
  • Affiliate IDs creation;
  • Managing from the admin panel;
  • Customizing payouts and currencies;
  • Real-time notifications;
  • Multi-store compatibility;
  • Affiliate link generator and more.

Purchasing Multiple Magento Extensions at a Reasonable Price

In 2019, the marketplace represented its own subscription allowing users to download multiple digital products for a one-time annual or lifetime fee. The MonsterONE service is a great option for those who want to test multiple products before deciding which one is perfect for your project. In addition, the developers also appreciate the service since they can download numerous items to upgrade their projects. So, the subscription offers such benefits as:

  • Unlimited downloads of all premium products from the library marked "one" (which are the most).
  • A fixed price for numerous items.
  • Technical support applies to all products included in the subscription and lasts a year from the start of the service.
  • Regular updating of the collection contributes to the constant expansion of the service's catalog, which already contains more than 260,000 products.

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Magento Affiliate Extensions Q&A

Do I need to possess coding skills to use Magento affiliate extensions?

The plugin is suitable for users who don't have the skills and experience of IT specialists.

What should I do in case of problems with Magento affiliate extensions?

You can contact the managers in case of problems and get free assistance within six months.

Can I sell Magento affiliate extensions via TemplateMonster?

You can register your author account and upload your digital product for approval. If its quality meets the market standards, the marketplace will be glad to see you in its community of authors.

Do you provide any other digital products for eCommerce websites besides Magento affiliate extensions?

Sure! One of the most popular marketplace products is eCommerce themes. The catalog contains collections for WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, OpenCart, VirtueMart, and other platforms. Also, you can upgrade your website with plugins, graphics, or excellent services.