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Cake Shop PowerPoint Templates

Cakes, pastries, cookies! Just reading these words makes your mouth water, doesn't it? Then just imagine how much more powerful it is if you could show people pictures of these delicious items! If you are preparing a sales presentation, your battle is half-won once you include pictures of the food items in your presentation. If you're looking for a bakery PowerPoint template, please take a look at our template on this page.

Best Premium Bakery PowerPoint Templates

Our template is ideal for a bakery. Or even a confectionery. The template comes as a PPT or PPTX file. You can even get it as a PSD file if you wish. We give you free 24/7 lifetime support for the template. If you face any problems with using the template, you can contact our helpful service agents. They will help you resolve the problem. There are many more reasons to use our PowerPoint templates to make your bakery presentation file.

- Easy-to-Use – Our templates are very easy to use. Even if you are a beginner-level user of PowerPoint, you will be able to customize the template. We have already done all the hard work of formatting the text for you. All that's left for you to do is select the sample text on the template and replace it with your content.

- Works with PowerPoint 2003 Onwards – You can download the template as a .ppt file or a .pptx file. That means you can use the template with both, the older and the newer versions of PowerPoint. But, if you have PowerPoint 2003, you can make use of the .ppt version of the template.

- Heading Levels – The template has five heading levels. So you can have a main heading and a sub-heading. And if your content requires it, you can use three more heading levels.

- Fully Customizable –You can make changes to any part of the bakery ppt presentation template. You can paste new text over the existing text. You can add your own images to the slides. And you can even change the formatting of the text if you don't like the font we have chosen.

- 15 Types of Slides – There are 15 slides in the template. You will find all the types of slides one would need for a presentation. So there’s a Cover Slide, a Title Slide, an Agenda Slide, Content Slides and a Table Slide.

- Diagram Slides – In addition to the above slide types, our template also has 9 attractive diagram slides. The slides have different types of charts. You can customize the charts and also add your text to the slides.

You can use our bakery PowerPoint template not only for marketing presentations but also for other things. For example, if you have a cooking class, you can use our template to display the recipes that you teach your students. Or you can use the template to create training materials to train your staff. Click on the Live Demo button below to get a preview of all the slides in the template. Once you've seen the slides you may get even more ideas of how you can use this template.