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Sports X-Cart Themes

Are you in the sports equipment or sports clothes sales business? Are you thinking of taking your business online? If you’re thinking of setting up an online store for your sports gear or clothing business, consider using X-Cart. With X-Cart, you can create beautiful and functional online stores. Your stores will look good on all devices--smartphones, tablets and PCs/laptops. We’ve got a great collection of sports X-Cart themes to help you set up your website or online store.

Best Sport Center X-Cart Templates

These X-Cart themes have all the standard features of an A-Grade theme. We’ve covered all the bases, so to speak. Our themes have all the features you would need to set up your website as soon as possible. The following is a brief overview of some of the features of our sport online X-Cart themes:

Bootstrap Grid System – We’ve developed the themes using the bootstrap grid system. This makes the themes compatible with all major browsers. If you want, you can even extend the themes using JavaScript.

SEO-Friendliness – Our themes are all SEO- friendly. We've optimized the code to suit the search engines so your website will rank high in the search engines.

100% Responsive Design – The themes are 100% responsive. Your website will display without any problem on any device with no extra coding at all.

100% Customizable – The themes are fully customizable. You can change all aspects of the theme to suit your requirements. You can configure the background images, the fonts, the color settings, and the header and footer as you wish.

Social Media Integration – All our X-Cart themes have built-in Social media options. You can add buttons for all the popular social media sites so your users can easily share the content with their friends or relatives.

Free 24/7 lifetime tech support – When you buy any of the themes in this collection, you will get access to our free online support team – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Well- Documented – In addition to 24-hour tech support, you also get a well-written user manual with these templates. The manual contains complete instructions and descriptions of all aspects of the theme or template. So you will never be without help.

Full-width Sliders, Carousels, and Banners – Our sport center X-Cart templates come with easy to use sliders, carousels, and banners. Using these you can catch your visitors' attention and keep them glued to your website.

Megamenu – The themes in this collection come with a Megamenu. You can display categories and sub-categories, and even images right in the menu itself. This feature will help your users find the items they want to buy.

Multi-language and Multi-currency – Our sport X-Cart themes are multi-language enabled. Your visitors can view your website in the language of their choice by selecting from a list of 40+ languages! The themes also allow the purchasers to use USD, GBP, or EUR as the currency of their payments. This makes it easy for visitors from the Americas, Great Britain or other parts of Europe, as they won’t have to go into currency conversions while making the payment for their purchases.

Whether you supply sports equipment, sports clothes, or any other sport-related product, you’ll find it very easy to create your online store using our themes. Click the ‘Live Demo’ buttons below to learn more about any of our sport X-Cart templates.