Online Tickets Shopify Theme
This tickets store has a very interesting design. Each content area of tickets Shopify theme is visually separated from the others. Big HD photos of celebrities draw visitors attention. Polygon...
Sales: 10
Support: 4.5/5
PathShala - Education PSD Template
PathShala – Education PSD TemplatePathShala- is a clean and modern education PSD template for education-related websites. This template is highly suitable for the online course, school, college,...
Sales: 3
Support: 5/5
Gwathlyn Beauty Monoline Font
Introducing our new modern and luxurious handwriting script font Gwathlyn. Gwathlyn is a handmade beautiful monoline, natural, and stylish style.
Dream Star Tow Colors Scrashes
Dream Star Tow Colors Scrashessize 2000*2000fils4 ai fils4 eps fils1 psd1 pdf1 pngeasy to change colors and textgood luck Dream Star Tow Colors Scrashessize 2000*2000fils4 ai fils4 eps fils1 psd1...
Grawust Modern Brush Font

Grawust Modern Brush Font by PradiptaCreative

Grawust Brush Font is a supercharged and an eye-catching bursting with inline striping modern style brush. It comes with uppercase, numbers, punctuation and symbols.
Theater Presentation PowerPoint template
Now you don’t need to spend time preparing complicated slides. Just download this presentation and replace text and images in a few clicks. Have more time preparing your speech. Easy to use and...
Sales: 1
Angel half demon Logo Template
Logo template with idea of half angle or demon.for movies, where seven angels blew their trumpets to cue upcoming events. Theme can be interesting for church, charity or music companies, events,...
Aluma Educational Logo Template
Aluma logo template, It’s a Professional logo template for your company. Ready to print logo design. Letter Monogram Logo, Great logo template suitable for companies whose is related to...
Support: 5/5
Theater Responsive Joomla Template
This is a Bootstrap Art & Culture Joomla design theme What is it?Bootstrap is an open-source framework for making webpages. Why is it Good?Working with this sort of framework drastically speeds up...
Sales: 20
Support: 4.2/5
Music Theater Website Template
Telling the story through singing and dancing, musicals attract crowds of spectators due to their exciting nature. But, if you have just founded a music theater, you will need a decent advertising...
Sales: 50
Support: 4.2/5
Theater Performance Joomla Template
Create a magnificent performance for your visitors online, just as you do it on stage, by means of Theater Performance Joomla Template. Satisfy your inner perfectionist with a theme color switcher...
Sales: 54
Support: 4.2/5

Theater Templates and Themes

Sharing the theater arts online obviously requires a lot of diverse visual content.

Theater Templates and Themes will give you all that and more, so that your website can be one of the best sources of theater news online!

Building a blog dedicated to the theater arts requires a very specific design. These Theater Templates and Themes make use of the latest in web design trends to cater to the artistic audience. Designed to be search engine friendly, these readymade templates will immediately appeal to the right viewers and will keep them coming back.

Writing about theatrical plays and events will be easy because of the Admin Panel feature. And with Google fonts, you're sure that your content will be easy to read on top of the design. You've also got access to a wide collection of high quality stock photos to work with, allowing your blog posts to be more attractive. Meanwhile, newsletter subscriptions will allow your readers to choose to update themselves with the latest news in the world of theater.

Video recordings and trailers about upcoming theatrical performances can be useful as well. That's why these themes support audio and video integration just in case you need to showcase the upcoming Broadway musical to sell tickets. And with Google Map support, it'll be easy to point locations for these performances.

Get creative designs from Theater Templates and Themes!