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Wedding Shopify Templates

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Wedding Shopify Templates

Are you thinking about a wedding website, blog or magazine? Check out our Wedding Shopify Themes as we collected only the most pleasant and functional ones. Create a gorgeous website for a big day, promote your products and services with our multi-functional wedding website templates. You will enjoy premium quality, feel and functionality. Pixel perfect design, fully editable functionality and unlimited color variations will get your business to a new level.

Best Premium Wedding Shopify Themes

Wedding Shopify Themes

Is it possible to use your Shopify web templates for Wedding to develop websites for my customers?

Yes. We'd love to see you use our Shopify web templates for Wedding for your client projects!

How can I update a Shopify web design for digital wedding album to a newer version?

Please create a Tech Support Ticket so we can review your project and provide a quote for our services to assist you in getting your wedding services Shopify website design updated to the latest version.

Will I get all the blocks/modules I see on the demo (sample data) of Shopify web design for bridal magazine?

Yes, everything you see on our Shopify web design for Wedding Cake demo is included.

Will you help me to customize my Shopify web design for wedding event coordinator?

We do not provide any help or instructions on Shopify web design for Wedding Venues customization except for www.template-help.com help center. If you are not sure you can customize the template yourself we recommend to hire a design studio to customize the template for you.

Are there any restrictions for using imagery, cliparts and fonts from the Shopify web design for Wedding store I purchased?

All imagery, clipart and fonts used in Shopify web design for digital wedding album are royalty-free, if not stated otherwise on the product page, and are the integral part of our products. One Time Usage License and Developers License give you the right to use images, clipart and fonts only as a part of the website you build using your template. You can use imagery, clipart and fonts to develop one project only. Any kind of separate usage or distribution is strictly prohibited.

The promo code I got from you to purchase a Shopify web design for Wedding Cake is expired or invalid. How can I get a working one?

Feel free to contact our Pre-Sales Department to check the code for you. We'll do the best we can to assist you. Mostly, if they are expired, it's due to a Shopify web templates for wedding magazine promotional offer that's expired, so we might not be able to match the same discount. However, let's check and see.

What is included into the "regular + installation" offer of Shopify web templates for bridal magazine?

The offer includes the Shopify web design for wedding magazine at regular price plus its installation on your hosting carried out within 24-72 hours.

Can I resell Shopify web templates for wedding services I bought the developers license for?

You cannot resell the customized wedding Shopify website design as a template, but you may sell it as a project to your client.

Can I buy the images/sound samples/effects from wedding magazine Shopify website templates separately?

No. Shopify web templates for wedding magazine are created for specific designs and we sometimes use our own stock images to create them.

Are there any extra costs involved into Shopify web design for Wedding Cake purchase?

During the checkout of the Shopify web design for Wedding Cake you might see additional offers you can opt to purchase, but we do not have any hidden cost involved in our template sales. If you're not used to utilizing templates for website projects, we'll be happy to assist you in choosing the correct template/product for your project.

What is a unique purchase license for wedding services Shopify website design?

If you purchase the product at a 'Unique price' it guarantees that you are the first and the last person to buy this Shopify web design for Wedding salon from us. It means that this template has not been sold before and you become an owner of a unique design. After this kind of purchase the template is being permanently removed from our sales directory and is never available to other customers again. The unique purchase license allows you to develop the unlimited number of projects based on this template, but the template should be customized differently for every project.

How can I extract files of Shopify web design for wedding party planner?

Each of the [keywords] you download from our site comes in a Zip format. This one archive file contains all of the files it took to create the Shopify web design for Wedding as well as different folders. You'll need to use archive software to extract the files, e.g. open-source 7-zip.org or license software like WinZip.com

Do you provide hosting and domain name in addition to the wedding Shopify website templates purchase ?

Based on our customers' experience and our own tests, TemplateMonster may recommend some hosting providers in case you're in search of hosting for your Shopify web design for wedding services based websites. These are HostGator and BlueHost.com.

DISCLOSURE: TemplateMonster receives compensation for customers referred from TemplateMonster website to BlueHost and HostGator. BlueHost and HostGator plans have been tested by TemplateMonster QA experts and have been proven compatible with website templates sold on TemplateMonster website.

After someone buys out the wedding services Shopify website design, will I still be able to use it?

If you've already purchased your copy of the wedding Shopify website design and someone else purchases the Buyout license, they will own the last copy. Thus you'll have your copy to edit as your template.

Can I translate your Shopify web design for wedding planner services?

Of course! Our Shopify web templates for wedding blog are provided mostly with Lorem Ipsum texts.

Can I use graphics from wedding magazine Shopify website design I purchased for use in printing?

Yes, it's not prohibited to use the Shopify web design for wedding event coordinator graphics for printed material, but the resolution of the templates graphics ( except for logo templates) is not enough for printing.

Can I use my own hosting provider with Shopify web design for Wedding?

In most of cases you can. It just depends on what type of web hosting account you are currently using from your hosting provider as some are limited. Each of the Shopify web templates for Wedding Shop has the hosting requirements listed, so you'll want to check with your hosting provider to ensure the requirements are met within your current hosting account.

Can I use the Shopify web design for Wedding Planner for several domains if the site/project is the same?

Yes, but you'll need to buy a developer's license which grants a non-exclusive permission to use the Shopify web design for digital wedding album on up to 5 domains. Alternatively, you can purchase an Exclusive or a BuyOut license (when you are the sole buyer or the last buyer of a particular design respectively). Contact us for details on the Exclusive/BuyOut Price using our Pre-Sales Support Department.

I have customized the Shopify web design for wedding party planner and would like to protect my content by copyright, can I place Copyright, Mycompanyname.com?

Yes, you can add your copyright to protect your content.

After Shopify web design for wedding magazine purchase you can put your copyright to the template. But you cannot place a line at the bottom (or any other spot) of the customized project saying "Website design by Company name". Nevertheless, you can place "Customized by Company name".

What do the customization offers for Shopify web templates for wedding planner services mean?

TemplateMonster.com just makes professional assistance of our customization partners available to you for purchase.

Do I need to order the customization service in the checkout?
It's not a requirement, just an option for our clients' convenience. If you're interested, please contact us any time through pre-sales chat for a free quote on your customization request.

Will I be able to customize your Shopify web templates for Wedding Album on my own?
That's difficult for us to answer as it depends on what product you want your website based on or powered by and how familiar you are with it. Before making your purchase, please feel free to contact us via our Pre-Sales Ticket System so we can help you make the best product selection to match your skills when it comes to editing websites.

Can I get the Shopify web design for wedding magazine in higher resolution to use for printing?

No, we design Shopify web templates for wedding party planner optimized for web resolution only.