110 Wholesale Store Templates and Themes

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Wholesale Store Templates and Themes

Everybody loves wholesales as, regardless of the business area, you might end up with a pretty good deal in comparison with the selling price of the purchased products. As a beginner in this area or even as an experienced salesman, you know that details are extremely important and, when organizing an online wholesale, you must be even more careful. The site must be organized according to possible clients' preferences and habits in order to create a great online experience and a professional product presentation.

We developed an entire series of Wholesale Store Templates and Themes destined to adapt to any type of business that wants to organize a wholesale. These layouts are simple to integrate in your site and easy to configure, offering the owner the possibility to save money and time.

The idea of a wholesale makes the client think about a pile of products that are difficult to sort which is why, when he/she will land on your site, will be pleasantly impressed. Our layouts use a simple and effective structure system that allows you to categorize each product and thus simplify the search process. All product categories are included in the main menu, an element well-positioned in site so anyone can find and use it.

To increase the product presentation quality, we used a grid structure for internal pages, in combination with white spaces. This makes the page scanning and search for certain products very effective and quick, impressing the viewer and offering a great online experience.

Implement one of our themes today and increase your chances of attracting new customers by 30%!