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The template itself is totally outdated and uses old PHP code that is not supported in actual PHP versions. Youll have to use PHP 5.x in order to use this template without errors
First of all the theme itself is beautiful - once you have it up and running. Problem ist the installation documentation. The with zip file provided documentation.html is not usable, as the files required to use this description are not included. You have to use 2 pieces of installation tutorials seperately supplied via the website. However the adding of samle data also is not working without directly importing the database. The snapshot quits with errors. But once you have accomplished it you really get a very nice looking, well designed website which I will use for some health affinitive site. One more thing to be aware of: 1. a lot of the drupal modules used are outdated and some are no longer compatible with upgrade path, so you have to stay with the old versions. 2. currently the google map isnt working, it just shows some error - however support is working on this and presumably this will be solved sooner or later. Alltogether you can say: beautiful design, a little annoying technics but definitely a 4 out of 5 since the look is so good.
Like the full, simple and clean look with added features like background video

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