Audio Converter PHP Script

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Audio Converter PHP Script

Created: Sep 29, 2022

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

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Convert audio files to another extension of your choice

Now you can convert audio files, whatever their extension, to any other audio extension online, for example, you can convert mp3 file to WAV, or convert the voices of WhatsApp conversations to MP3 and listen to them with ease. You can also convert WMA audio files to MP3 in addition to many other extensions only All you have to do with ease is to upload your audio file and choose any of the audio extensions to convert it to, there are also audio extensions that are recorded from audio programs and carry the aac extension. Using this form, they will be converted to any extension you want. This program can convert all audio to any other type of audio while ensuring the success of the audio file by 100%, whatever the source of the desired audio file.

How to install and operate

The installation is done on the hosting and you can browse the How to install folder to know all the details about the installation step by step

Thank you for choosing the project. You can inquire and support is available. I am happy to answer your inquiry at any time


##(October 6,2022)

-A new feature has been added on the home page in the audio extension selection field, where the mp2, ogg, m4a and alac extension has been added.

-An update has been added in the appearance on the main page in the How to Use section. Icons and illustrations have been added for use, with the general appearance of this section updated with an animated effect while the page is opened.

-- An explanatory video has been added below how to use to show the experience of using the form in detail

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