MI Custom Shirt Design Script

MI Custom Shirt Design is a premiere jQuery plugin based on JavaScript for variations with images. It is enriched with excellent features including unlimited customization of Shirts. Within the

  1. Sleeves Selections,
  2. Cuffs Selections,
  3. Collar Selections,
  4. Pocket Selections,
  5. Placket Selections,
  6. Back Pleats Selections and
  7. Bottom Round Shape Selections
  8. Fabrics Selections
  9. Fittings Selections
  10. Measurement Selections
  11. Review the selections

The script will be too much user-friendly for the customers to design their formal or casual shirts. The most comfortable part is the selection of Fabrics, Fittings, and Height/Weight part. The excellent and robust code is backed up by contemporary and user-friendly design which is almost ready-made for tailors and businesses/shops based on any kind of Shirts Design.

This plugin introduces an easy-to-use and affordable online product designer. Using our plugin the retailer can add options for various design styles for each customizes and users can design and customize their products by selecting different design patterns as they get the freedom to choose every component.

We have found the perfect balance between usability, design, and code robustness. MI Custom Shirt Design is a powerful raw plugin that is affordable and ready-made for online custom design and tailoring. It is fully responsive and works perfectly on all devices.

Instruction to install:

1. Download the file from the template monster marketplace after purchasing.

2. Unzip the file now.

3. From the two files (Script-File.zip and Documentation.pdf) copy the Script-File.zip.

4. Unzip it and there will be one single index.html file with css, img, js, webfonts folder.

5. Just open the index.html file via any browser to check the script workability.

6. For customizing code just go to the js folder and edit the mijsx.js file.

7. All the returning values are in standard JSON format. Easy to get data with any environment / Programming language.

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