MonsterONE Subscription License

At MonsterONE, all files are licensed under equal terms. You can use items downloaded from MonsterONE by TemplateMonster to create final products for you or your clients. When your MonsterONE subscription license is terminated, you will no longer be allowed to use downloaded items.

MonsterONE Subscription License Product Types

MonsterONE subscription license works as follows when you download an item, you can use it in one project or one end product; if you want to use the same product in another project, you need to redownload it. All items are backed by one license and are released under equal terms.

License TypeAvailable for ReuseNumber of product uses/projectsLowest PriceHighest Price
Unlimited LicenseNoUnlimited$89$849

Unlimited License

All MonsterONE items are released under equal terms. The only limitations available are listed below. Using digital products from MonsterONE, you can build an unlimited number of end products in a multitude of niches, both online and offline. The offline use may include printed end products that you create for yourself or your client. In terms of physical end products, you’re not allowed to use MonsterONE assets for SAAS platforms or print-on-demand services. Below you can learn about the limitations and possibilities of this license.

What you can do:

  • use the item as a part of the end-product;
  • use any number of items provided within the license for creating end-products, as long as you’re following the terms of use.

What you can’t do:

  • share or distribute the products, their parts as they are, as a stock, as a template, as a part of a template, as a service or package;
  • use MonsterONE items for on-demand or SAAS platforms;
  • resell items downloaded from MonsterONE;
  • claim your rights or trademark for any of the items provided within MonsterONE subscription.

MonsterONE Subscription License FAQ

Can I use MonsterONE product for a print-on-demand service?

No, you can’t, though you can use any MonsterONE product to create an unlimited number of final products for yourself or your clients.

How many end products can I build using MonsterONE product?

A downloaded item equals one end product, and if you want to use the same item for another product, you need to redownload it. Initially, you can create unlimited final products utilizing any product from MonsterONE membership.

I want to create packaging for my product. Does MonsterONE subscription license allow that?

Yes, you can create packaging for as many products as you can.

Does MonsterONE subscription license allow using fonts for web use?

Yes, feel free to add downloaded fonts to your website.