Best One Page HTML Templates For Everyone

Now, the simpler the site presents the business, the faster the person familiarizes himself with the service. Consequently, people spend less time on decisions about cooperation. At the same time, many one page HTML templates have appeared on the market, which help create a beautiful, stylish, SEO-friendly, and maximally informative website. The conciseness of the information on the site guarantees that the reader will understand the essence of your proposal as accurately as possible. No distractions allow him to be distracted. First, however, you need to know what design brings a good result. We'll talk about it below. Read our material and start developing your project with TemplateMonster!

What Is One Page HTML Templates

You have probably already seen this product. These goods are ready-made designs that need to be installed and slightly edited. Then, after adding your product images and descriptions, you receive a mass-produced version of the web resource, which you may promote in search engines or other advertising channels.

The collection above is suitable for single-page sites. However, as you see, the list is quite extensive, and there are many one-page HTML templates from which visitors may choose. After all, our main task is to provide everyone with a suitable layout that would consider the needs and requirements of the business.

The main goals of one-page HTML templates:

  • Presents the service or goods as fully as possible and reveals its features without overwhelming the visitor with unnecessary data to decide.
  • Produce a pleasant viewing experience for the visitor thanks to beautiful graphics, animated effects, and a correctly selected color scheme.
  • It's easy and concise to tell about the offer's advantages, the company, its employees, etc.
  • Organize information correctly. A well-thought-out sequence from the main to the details allows potential customers to learn more about the firm and want to scroll down and discover the rest of the data.

Now let's find out who this form of company presentation is suitable for and what preferences it brings for online businesses.

Who Needs One-Page Website HTML Templates

First of all, these are businesses that provide a single service. Among them are interior design studios, marketing agencies, PR firms, IT firms, the crypto market, musicians, artists, art galleries, fishing, hunting, etc. In this situation, a landing website is quite an economical and logical option for launching a project.

Secondly, there are many sellers of two or five goods among our buyers. In addition, many productions specialize in the production of a limited assortment (for example, bathroom hooks, handmade carpets, dolls, etc.) For these manufacturers, it makes no sense to have a multi-page website because, despite the large production volumes, the amount of a diverse assortment may be small.

Thirdly, small firms or start-ups also find the choice in favor of landing quite attractive. Often, only a specialist offers his one service — for example, SEO promotion, writing texts, or private consultations with a psychotherapist. As you see, the directions are very different, and we have not provided the entire list. Agree that a psychotherapist with a private office or a dentist doesn't need extensive and expensive sites. However, having a page on the Internet is still necessary because this is how people can get their first clients.

Landing Website Pluses

You should know both the pros and cons of a one-page site. After all, if you look at ready-made designs, you are most likely starting a new business. So let's reveal the main positive points of this choice:

  • The production speed. Making such a site takes a minimal amount of time. If you have a similar experience, you may launch a new project in a few days.
  • Cheapness. You don't need to buy powerful hosting or dozens of plugins. Also, with a competent approach to the budget, you choose a purchased theme to have an excellent design.
  • Spectacular. Often, web developers create such an appearance for a one-pager that scrolling the website resembles an exciting journey, accompanied by viewing animations, videos, and other effects.
  • Completeness of information. There are extensive web resources where programmers scatter the data on the blocks, leaving sections unfilled.
  • Appearance on smartphones. Yes, viewing the design on any gadget gives you an excellent impression. All designs web developers made for users of phones, tablets, and laptops at once.
  • Uniqueness. Receive an intriguing appearance that is memorable and much easier to attract attention. After all, the designer focuses on one page rather than dozens at once.
  • Management of client attention. People concentrate and focus on reading specific data instead of wandering through sections.
  • Rich content. Since you have little space to present the service, you should be as comprehensive as possible and sufficiently detailed about the conditions. As a result, the user feels that the information is sufficient to decide.

Having learned the pros, let's consider the cons and avoid them.

Disadvantages of Landings

Along with many advantages, one-pager websites have features you should know about and how to use them for the better.

Let's highlight the following of them:

  • Slow download speed. Since it's necessary to contain a lot of data (images or videos) on a single page, this increases its weight. Consequently, it loads much more slowly. However, you can avoid it by buying one page HTML templates with delayed image upload.
  • There is no blog. Landings usually never have this section. As you know, a blog is often a source of search traffic. As we wrote earlier, there is a detailed list of companies for which a single-page web source is adequate. So, if you are one of them, blogging is optional. Try to use other instruments.
  • The complexity of analytics. Multi-page websites have many indicators by which the analyst evaluates the effectiveness of advertising and the quality of conversions. In your case, you need to build another conversion analysis.
  • The way you disclose the service's essence is another. This point is not a minus but simply some feature. Studying this topic is necessary to choose a suitable layout and know what content to add.

Every situation has its solution; you saw this with the example of cons. So now let's find out all the advantages of buying a ready-made theme.

Features Of One Page HTML Templates

There is a common misconception that themes are only a website appearance. However, our one page HTML templates have a whole list of beneficial features that help you in business development.


It's adaptable to different device sizes so that all information looks equally beautiful, presentable, and convenient on any screen (smartphones, laptops, computers).

Search Engine Friendly

This comprehensive preparation helps to get a place in the search engine rankings faster by creating a logical structure, meta titles, and descriptions, and optimizing loading speed.


Usually, programmers use the most modern and optimal technologies to create goods, including this framework.


This item applies to many improvements at once. It also reduces website loading time.

Retina Ready

In the beginning, only Apple produced gadgets with special screens with increased pixel density. Now other companies are putting such details on their smartphones. Therefore, it is essential to have a Retina Ready appearance. Without such a function, images look blurry.


The layout is suitable for many firms if this feature is in the product description. Such universal designs greatly simplify your search because they are flexible, easy to edit, and easily adjusted to your needed parameters.

Team Members

In this block, be sure to indicate the company's strengths. This thing applies primarily to leading specialists. Often, firms receive orders thanks to employees with extensive experience or good examples of work.

Dropdown Menu

Such components are said to be even more stylish and modern in combination with advanced themes.

Google Maps

This integration allows you to plot the location of the office or department on the map. Consequently, people choose a route and get to you faster.

Mega Menu

This advanced component is configurable as desired. You have dozens of options for getting a unique menu and making it attractive to your potential audience.


The block allows you to present work examples, which is essential for quick decision-making for your client. For instance, it's easier to decide on cooperation after reading about the company and seeing your achievements.


The fixed background makes the scrolling process exciting and compelling. You may also find options for video in the background, further enhancing the effect.

Lazy Load Effect

This technology improves and completely solves the problem of poor download speed. After all, all elements and pictures are shown to the user as they scroll and are not loaded immediately.

Additional Bonuses

First, all buyers receive detailed documentation. This file describes one page HTML templates, the settings, and how to do them exactly. The documentation is structured and divided into sections. The web developers took pains to make such a document structure so that you may find the block with the description of the necessary settings as quickly as possible. At the same time, you receive a manual with step-by-step actions that are helpful in editing. You can set up layouts yourself without involving many specialists.

Secondly, additional gifts also attract our customers. Often web developers offer cool-quality pictures, editable icons, or plugins as a bonus. Use them when setting up the site or for other purposes — for example, creating a banner advertising campaign.

Third, all goods are supported. Finally, regular updates ensure that the devices work without technical or visual failures.

Fourthly, buyers of TemplateMonster receive support for six months for free. So, the developer company provides the service itself. So, buyers may ask questions to a specialist and get a quick response because most offer round-the-clock service.

How To Choose One Page HTML Templates

The design should be the best possible, attract attention and suit your style. Therefore, we have collected several tips you should listen to during the selection process.

Watch The Demo

This preview is the appearance that shows how programmers arranged the blocks and in what sequence, what visual effects the web developer used to attract people's attention, and how well this theme suits you in general. After all, everyone wants to know what exactly they are buying and getting.

Check Out The Specifications

In addition to the design, the site receives a lot of additional features to run the business successfully. For example, each one page HTML template has its list of advantages. After reading the description, you learn what techniques and technologies the developer's companies used during creation.

Create A Brand

Even if your business specializes in a few services, you can still conquer your market! It's only necessary to approach the development of the industry properly. A recognizable, easily remembered, and associative brand helps win regular customers. In addition, all details must be in one style. This approach applies to colors, fonts, logos, and images you upload. Therefore, choose a theme perfectly compatible with the future content and logo.

Discover The Demo On Smartphones

First, press the big green button with the preview, and then find the smartphone icon at the top. Click on it, and find out how the appearance is adaptable to such gadgets. Often, people want to see the conditions of cooperation by phone or another handy gadget. Therefore, the landing design on such devices is essential.

Apply Filters

Often in the selection, you see dozens of goods at once. This collection is no exception. To reduce the list to the most relevant options, use the filter. You see it on the left. Choose goods by features, color, business direction, and even rating.

Check Compatibility

Buyers always want the product to work without failures and don't need additional work. At a minimum, you must determine what hosting the programmers recommend, web server compatibility, and PHP version compatibility. Do you still get questions? Feel free to ask for advice from a consultant in the online chat. It's better to learn essential details than later regret the purchase. We are always ready to help and advise.

Compare Prices

Most often, the price list is such that it's available to every buyer. Usually, the cost is formed from the time spent creating the product, using particular technologies and additional functions. However, there are still such pleasant little things as sales and a slight price difference in different developer studios.

Everything Is Customizable

If you are unsatisfied with some trivial detail, remember it is easy to fix. For example, apply a different color scheme, choose a font, and swap blocks. However, don't get carried away, and do not redo the layout beyond recognition. After all, specialists thought out the structure and location of the information and placed it in the place where they were.

We hope this information helps you with your choice.

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One Page HTML Templates FAQ

How to see more themes?

We described above how to reduce the list of layouts. To enlarge it, you should visit this link. All designs for HTML sites are collected here.

How to get a discount on one page HTML templates?

You get all discount offers right in this collection. We marked sales with a crossed-out price. However, we have a discount section where the reader finds many exciting things. Get themes, video content, graphics, etc., among the proposed ones.

How to download one page HTML templates?

First, create an order and pay online. Please use only the correct contacts when filling out the order form. So, we'll send a letter with the product to the e-mail address you specified. Click on the received file and select Save as. Then select the folder where you want to download your purchase. This place can be a laptop or a flash drive. In the end, click Save.

How many times can I use the one page HTML templates?

When purchasing a personal license, you can install the theme on one site and use it only for yourself. Therefore, it's impossible to resell a finished project with our design. However, if you have a customer to create a website, please order a commercial license and sell a ready-made project. At the same time, this tariff allows you to install a layout on five early sites for five clients.