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Blinds and curtains are real savers from sun rays when you want to sleep longer. They keep your privacy not letting strangers' eyes see what's going on inside of your dwelling. Besides, blinds and curtains help to create cozy and comfortable atmosphere inside your home no matter how nasty the weather is outside. The theme is offered in several color solutions. Which one do you prefer? Red? Green? Orange? Violet or black? It's the matter of your and the target audience tastes, so choose your future site look and win.

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This Interior PrestaShop theme is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive layouts alter to little and also larger screen dimensions automatically.

Why is it Good?

Cellular devices generate 80percent of world web usage. It's essential to create your business site responsive unless you wish to lose your readers.

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This Design Blog PrestaShop ecommerce template is Search Engine Friendly

What is it?

Search engine ready is a WordPress template that allows to easily crawl and index the website.

Why is it Good?

SEO enables to reach the top of search engine results and match the ranking factors necessary for the most popular search engines. Because of thas your website is visible on the web.

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This is Interior & Furniture PrestaShop design with Sample Data Installer

What is it?

WordPress themes with sample data installer have an option to insert sample files to the template easily.

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Sample Data Installer eliminates manual customization, hence saving you a lot of time. You can use the module with any WordPress template offered at TemplateMonster marketplace.

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This is Decor PrestaShop ecommerce template with On-line chat functionality

What is it?

Online chat makes reference to any sort of interaction that shows up over the Online world within the real-time.

Why is it Good?

Online chat conversation expands potential clients positive experience and makes them genuinely feel important while providing extra assistance.

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I used this theme on and I am very happy with it!
O template é fácil de trabalhar nele aconcelho, muito clean.
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Regarding PrestaShop Compatibility, can we install it on 1.7?
Thank you for your question! Sorry, it is 1.6 compatible template. Here you can find all our Prestashop 1.7 templates: Andrea Gonzales.
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