Professional Pixel Shopping Tag Logo
— .ai (illustrator CC) — .eps (illustrator 10) — .psd ((Psd files was Generated in Illustrator, some features can be lost. To reach maximum editability use Adobe Illustrator)) — .jpg (white...
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Elegant Resume / CV Template
Trong typographic structure and very easy to use and customize. The resume is very well organized and labeled for you to get the best result in the minimum possible time.
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Logo type News Logo Template
This is the Logotype News Logotemplate: This logo download contains a high definition 300 PPI CMYK print-ready color mode features :1- Easy customizable and editable2- print-ready3- 300 PPI CMYK...
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Master Lion Letter M Logo
— .ai (illustrator CC) — .eps (illustrator 10) — .psd ((Psd files was Generated in Illustrator, some features can be lost. To reach maximum editability use Adobe Illustrator)) — .jpg (white...
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Billboard Mockup Template
Mockup is fully editable. Place your designs using smart objects, Double-click the Smart object Layer, copy & paste your artwork, save and use.File Included:- PSD (with Smart Object layers)- File...
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101 Business Design Logo Template
Ready-made creative business logo design template. If you need a logo for a website or social media page, we offer ready-made solutions created by professional designers. This is a set of unique...
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Perfume Packaging Mockup 3
Perfume Packaging Mockup Feature + Photoshop CC Compatible+ Friendly User Guide PDF+ Automatic background perspective+ Well Organized Layers and Folders+ Easy and Fast editing via Smart Object+...
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Jone Letterhead Corporate Identity Template
Letterhead TemplateThis Corporate Letterhead is Effective in color and layout Suitable for any kind of small business, entrepreneurs easy to customize even in Microsoft Word!This is not a mockup...
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Super Digital Agency Logo Template
— .ai (illustrator CC) — .eps (illustrator 10) — .psd ((Psd files was Generated in Illustrator, some features can be lost. To reach maximum editability use Adobe Illustrator)) — .jpg (white...
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Music Studio Business Card

Music Studio Business Card by Saman_Usama2002

ABOUT THE PRODUCTMusic Studio Business Card is designed for exclusively corporates and small scale companies. Also it can be used for variety purposes like printing, designing IDFEATURES: — Free...
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— .ai (illustrator CC) — .eps (illustrator 10) — .psd ((Psd files was Generated in Illustrator, some features can be lost. To reach maximum editability use Adobe Illustrator)) — .jpg (white...
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Watercolor Kit For Photoshop product mockup
Watercolor Kit For PhotoshopAre you want to add some watercolor effect to your work, this is your chance the bundle contains everything you need to create whatever you want styles, logos, patterns,...
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Resume / CV Template for Software Engineer.
We are Prime Templates a Business documents and Presentation design template agency. Our team has over 5 years of experience in the field of recruitments and Human Resource Management. We create...
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+10000 Business Icon Set
Download this premium +10000 Business Icon Set published on TemplateMonster.✅ Icon files have vector, raster graphics type;✅ The product contains fully editable PNG, SVG, EPS file formats and...
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Beauty Salon Barbershop Poster Design
Beauty Salon Barbershop Poster DesignThis flyer contains photoshop PSD file. All elements are editable and customizable. Which you can easily edit. These flyers will help you promote your...
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Bubble & Monoline Graffiti Font Bundle
Bubble & Monoline Graffiti Font BundleThis Font Bundle gathers 31 eye catching graffiti-style fonts for you to use in your upcoming projects. With these unique fonts, you will certainly make your...
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Medical Services Flyer Template
Medical Services Flyer Template has been designed for medical services. It is mainly aimed at doctors, clinics, laboratories, hospitals and medical products.The layout is so versatile that it can...
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25 Premium Business Blue Tone Icon Set
Download this premium 25 Premium Business Blue Tone Icon Set published on TemplateMonster.✅ Icon files have vector, raster graphics type;✅ The product contains fully editable PNG, SVG, JPG file...
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Human Neurons Intelligence Logo Template
— .ai (illustrator CC) — .eps (illustrator 10) — .psd ((Psd files was Generated in Illustrator, some features can be lost. To reach maximum editability use Adobe Illustrator)) — .jpg (white...
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250+ 4K Background Images
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Great Design for Good Things Using Premium Raster Graphics

A bigger part of all images on your devices belongs to raster images. There are numerous pictures found online that are raster graphics. They are made in a different way than vector graphics. Designers create new raster graphics with a grid of pixels. They are also called a bitmap. Everything is concentrated on image size. The bigger the size is, the more hard drive space it will require. This means that raster drawings strongly depend on the resolution. Let's consider the following situation. We have an image that has the next resolution of 1280 x 720. This image has information that needs to be stored for 921,600 pixels. And we have another image with the size 3072 x 2048. This picture requires twice as many resources. It needs 6,291,456 pixels. Raster graphic drawings require more information on the hard drive. People invented some effective ways of storing raster images. These are PNG, JPEG, GIF, and PSD file types. The web designer community considers these file types the most common for raster types of graphics. They can use raster graphics for digitized photographs and art images. Moreover, raster drawings are widely used for specific graphics and scanned artworks.

Anyway, everything in our life has its price. This is true for the raster drawings. High-resolution raster drawings have significantly bigger file sizes than smaller raster images. In general, raster graphics require more economical resources for storing the files. Moreover, they are slower to print and display. Despite everything, this is the most common image graphics type for web browsing.

Vector Graphics vs. Raster Graphics

There is a difference between vector and raster types of graphics. Each type has some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s try comparing vector graphics vs. raster types of graphics. Our experts prepared a brief comparison of those graphics types. Please, take a closer look at this comparison. It can help to realize what types of graphics you want to work with.

  1. Raster type of graphics can offer the user much more in comparison with vector type. It consists of pixels. Meanwhile, vector graphics consist of paths. The users can zoom in on raster graphics and observe the pixels the image consists of. Meanwhile, vector graphics can be easily zoomed in without the quality loss;
  2. Raster graphics are more cost-effective than vector graphics. Many business owners prefer using raster drawings exactly because of this important factor;
  3. Vector graphics require less space on the hard drive. That's because it consists of paths that can be easily zoomed in without quality loss. Meanwhile, raster graphics need more space on the user's hard drives. That's because it is built with numerous pixels that can be noticed while zooming in the picture.
  4. Vector types of graphics draw smooth and continuous lines. And raster types can draw polygons, boundaries, and mathematical curves by pixel approximation.
  5. Raster drawings can boast of an independent refresh process that doesn't rely on image complexity. Speaking about vector type of graphics, it can show the flicker. This can happen when the quantity of primitives on the drawing is too large.

We hope that this brief explanation can help with choosing the right type of images. Paying close attention to this comparison can seriously help junior web designers. It can be useful while choosing the most comfortable type of graphics for new or existing web projects.

Best Raster Graphics Editors for Professional Web Designers

There is an old saying. It tells us that a good picture is worth a thousand words. Nowadays, good graphic design is appreciated by all types and sizes of businesses. Skilled web designers receive a very good salary for their professional and high-qualified services. They work on various images that can boost the awareness of the customer's brand among potential clients. Their work is the first thing that clients see while browsing through internet websites. And their work needs to be perfect in terms of designers’ skills and professionalism. Premium raster graphics editors can help to create a professional image to satisfy business purposes. Our experts provided a checklist with the essential pieces of software. Please, consider checking this list before starting to work on new or existing web projects:

  • Adobe Photoshop - this is probably the most well-known raster drawing editor. It has a huge customer base all over the globe. This is a paid product of AdobePhotoshop, which is supported by all popular desktop platforms;
  • Corel Painter - another awesome piece of software from Corel Corporation. Corel Painter is the ultimate editor for working with the raster type of graphics. This is a number one tool for millions of customers all over the world;
  • Artweaver - this powerful editor has similar functionality with Corel Painter and Adobe photoshop. This piece of software offers extensive support for Windows computers. It is a freemium editor with limited functionality. A paid version is more functional. It can satisfy the requirements of the most satisfying customers;
  • Corel PaintShop Pro - this piece of software was designed especially for the Windows platform. Web designers consider it to be the top-rated editor for working with raster graphics.
  • Gimp - one of the oldest pieces of software that has an impressive history. GIMP has been present on the market for more than 20 years. It has millions of happy customers all over the globe. Moreover, it is present on major computer platforms (Linux, Windows, macOS).

Top Raster Graphics Templates From the TemplateMonster Platform

We’re living in times when people can easily change their business websites. This can happen even for consumers with no technical skills & knowledge. And what about your website? Do you want to boost your brand awareness among millions of potential customers? This is an easy task for people with a plan. This plan may include additional platforms where people can download the best raster graphics assets. Today is a modern technological era. This era doesn’t require you to be a professional Adobe Photoshop user. Everything became more simple. The users can purchase premium web assets on the TemplateMonster platform. This is the number one place for those people who want to download first-rate web assets. This online service offers premium themes, plugins, graphics, and many other valuable web assets. Every day, our team of professionals works on delivering high-quality web assets to millions of customers. Our platform has web assets for a variety of businesses. We’re encouraging everybody to give it a try. We’re sure that web assets acquired from the TemplateMonster platform won’t disappoint our customers. Our customers can perform their purchases in two buying modes. They can make a one-time purchase. Anyway, we’re recommending making purchases using MonsterONE subscription mode. This simple trick can save you time and money. That’s because making purchases via a subscription model is a smart and cost-effective solution. And what peculiar advantages can purchase premium web assets on the TemplateMonster platform? Please, take a closer look at this short checklist. This can help to make the right decision while working on new or existing web projects.

  • Raster templates from the TemplateMonster platform can assist with boosting the number of business sales. The website’s fresh look can inspire visitors. It can motivate them to make more purchases on the users' websites;
  • Our premium templates can help with rebuilding personal brands. Using our premium web assets may be a smart solution for many small and middle-sized businesses;
  • Business owners that purchase a MonsterONE subscription can download a plentiful number of first-class web assets. The customers can use our assets for an unlimited amount of time;
  • Clients can fully visualize their business plans with the help of our web assets. Premium raster graphics templates can show the right potential for further business development.

These were the main key factors that can motivate people to make their first purchase. Our service has millions of clients all over the world. And it's time for you to join the happy army of our customers by purchasing premium raster graphics templates and other valuable web assets.

Main Characteristics of Raster Graphics Templates

TemplateMonster company is offering the clients top-quality raster graphics templates. This is a rule that allows the company to be successful for many years. People can download a wide choice of themes, plugins, graphics assets, and many other valuable web assets from this platform. Our clients can use our raster graphics for a variety of business purposes. They can use it for entertainment, education, home, sports, beauty, and many other topics. Our clients like our raster graphics templates because they help them to achieve the most ambitious business goals. Many businesses prefer using raster graphics because it is more cost-effective. It is cheaper to work with raster than vector graphics. Raster drawings are more commonly used for creating & editing various online resources. We encourage our visitors to give a try to the TemplateMonster platform. We’re sure that buying some beautiful templates can make a positive impact on the business. Achieving good business results will motivate you to make some more purchases on the TM platform. Millions of customers consider this website to be the leader in the niche of delivering first-class web assets.

Best Graphic Design Trends using the Raster Graphics

This video was created to explain to the users all the new graphic trends. Please, take your time and check this highly informative video guide. It will inspire you to create new projects using raster graphics images.

Raster Graphics Templates Questions and Answers

Are There Free Raster Graphics Software?

Yes, there is a wide choice of impressive tools for editing & creating raster graphics images. We prepared this small checklist. It can help with choosing the right free software for your next web project. Please, take your time and analyze this list very carefully. This checklist can bring a positive impact to the customers’ business.

  • GIMP is an effective raster editor for most common platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS). This is a top free raster editing software. It can help photographers, web designers, illustrators with delivering a first-rate web design to the end-user;
  • Pixlr - this is an effective online image editor. It lets the clients create awesome designs using a variety of settings. Consumers may experience the next level of creating & editing images with Al-powered Pixlr tools. The user can create their masterpieces from scratch using Pixlr;
  • - this is a free raster graphics software. It is developed especially for the Windows platform. This is a piece of quality software with more than 17 years of history. aims to edit graphics using special plugins;
  • Krita - this is a free editor for working with the raster graphics. It's best suitable for working with illustrations, concept arts, and texture painters. It was created by artists who wanted to make a tool that is affordable for all people.

Can I Sell My Raster Graphics Templates on the TemplateMonster Platform?

Yes, TemplateMonster is always ready to work with talented authors. Our platform has one necessary option that is obligatory for all new authors. New authors need to send us their authors' applications. A team of skilled professionals is working on our platform. They will check all the new authors' applications as soon as possible. Our support team will approve the best authors. New authors will be notified about the results very quickly. They can sell their content on our platform and generate a good income.

How to Save Raster Graphics to the Hard Drive From the Browser?

That's a very simple task. You will need a few seconds to do this. Let's say that you have found the perfect raster image for your new project. All you need is to click on the image and choose the “Save as Image” from the pop-up menu. The next step is choosing the hard drive where you want to save this raster file. People who use this trick can download practically any files they want from the internet.

What Are The Most Common Types of Raster Graphics Images?

Many files are known by professional web designers that use web designers for creating & editing raster images. Here are the most common file types that help with this task. Please, take your time and analyze the following checklist very carefully:

  • JPEG - this is the most common file type for web design. Nowadays, most digital cameras support this file type. This file is very easy to edit. It makes him perfect for creating new or editing existing web projects;
  • PNG - this is an acronym for Portable Network Graphics. This file format supports background transparency and lossless data compression;
  • GIF - this file format is widely used for animations. Web designers also prefer this file type for creating various emoticons for the chat applications.