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  • Сomplete SEO audit of your site
  • Website performance optimization and Google indexing
  • Content improvement and SEO-friendly website URLs
ETA ETA : 20 business days
$149 $149
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On Page SEO Services Include:

Website organic performance analysis
We will analyze the organic search traffic of your site to know exactly which pages are driving leads to your website and which are not.
Google Search Console integration
We will set up Google Search Console on your site. This tool will help to ensure that Google is able to access and crawl your website pages properly.
Semantic analysis and keyword mapping
Our professionals will analyze the content of your website, and find long-tail, niche-specific keywords to achieve higher search engine rankings.
Up to 3 pages
Up to 6 pages
Up to 10 pages
Search volume analysis and local keyword targeting
We'll examine the number of searches for your specific keywords and help you plan the content to get better rankings among local companies.
Meta tags creation
Our team will assist you in writing appropriate meta titles and descriptions for your pages to improve their rankings in the search results.
Up to 3 pages
Up to 6 pages
Up to 10 pages
SEO copywriting
Our copywriters will create personalized texts for your projects, expertly using keywords to drive traffic to your website.
Up to 700 words
Up to 1800 words
Up to 3500 words
Instructions for updates
You will get clear guidelines on how to implement the necessary changes to your website.
SEO competitive strategy planning
We'll help you to examine your competitors and to plan an effective strategy to get more traffic.
Internal linking
Our team will set links to your pages, establishing appropriate hierarchy, improving navigation through your site, and thus increasing the ranking potential of pages.

How Website SEO Services Work:

  1. Getting the Details from Client

    from 15 minutes

    We ask you to answer several questions concerning your business and SEO goals. After receiving order details, we’ll begin working out your on-page SEO strategy.

  2. SEO Strategy and Content Creation

    5-15 business days

    We’ll provide you with a keyword map with recommendations, content plan, and related optimization suggestions. Additionally, we’ll create a Google Search Console account for you to track your website performance after the optimization. As soon as you approve the keywords, the main part of the onpage SEO optimization will begin. Our experts will create unique meta tags for your website pages. Then, we’ll write specific URLs and the content for every page. Furthermore, we’ll tailor your robot.txt file and a sitemap. Later, all these materials will be sent for your approval.

  3. Site Indexing and Final Results

    up to 5 business days

    Once we get your approval of the SEO-friendly content, we ask you to transfer new texts to your website. After that, we’ll submit your website for re-indexing. To complete website ranking services, our professionals will index your site. We’ll monitor your website for two weeks after optimization.

To Provide On Page SEO Services, We Need:

  • Website URL or any other source to find information about your business
  • Link to the purchased template or design mockup (If you have not yet started your website)
  • CMS you are using with access details
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools access details
  • 6 pages (URLs) you would like us to optimize
  • Keywords you would like to rank for
  • Your organic competitors or examples of SEO-optimized websites in your niche

Why Do You Need Website SEO Services?

You may have the most eye-catching and dynamic website in the world. Still, if it doesn't include interesting and professionally written content optimized for search engines, your efforts are worth nothing.

Creating well-written content is not as easy as it may seem. We have a team of professional writers and SEO specialists that are ready to provide killer content for your site. With our website ranking services, you can get your website enhanced with high-quality content that informs, persuades, and engages your readers.

Our on page SEO services aim to optimize your website (up to 6 pages) and help you get well-targeted organic traffic. Our team of professionals will analyze your site and suggest changes that you can make to improve it. First of all, we are going to examine the overall organic performance of your website to make a keyword mapping exclusively and individually for your project. Moreover, our professionals will improve the sitemap, meta tags, and URL structure of your pages. Additionally, we’ll evaluate your competitors working out a strategy to beat them off. The SEO website optimization services also include internal linking and page speed boost.


Can I order the service if my website is not launched yet?

Yes, you can. The service includes keywords planning, which is one of the main steps to start working on your website customization.

Will you do all the changes yourself?

This service doesn't include content insertion and code fixes. You can order customization service separately. For this, please consult our SEO specialist. Please note that if the website is not developed by our team, we advise you to refer to your webmaster for help.

When will I get the result of on page SEO services?

We will send you a report on the first traffic changes within 3-5 days after the content is indexed. This is done manually by our managers. On average, the websites we optimized had a significant positive change in traffic and positions within two-four weeks.

When will the first changes be noticeable?

The first changes will be visible right after website re-indexing is complete. Further growth and development of your website pages will depend on the off-site factors, your backlink strategy, and promotion.

Can I get a refund if I am not happy with the result of SEO website optimization services?

Clients can get a 10-40% refund if they are not satisfied with the result. It depends on the optimization stage and the amount of data provided by our SEO specialists. We are not making refunds for completed projects.

What is the language of your on page SEO services?

Our team provides website SEO services in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.


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AM Amanda Wilson
My ranks have not become better the next day after the service was completed, BUT I need to say that it's worth waiting! It's been a month since you implemented all the changes for me, and one of my most converting pages is on the first page of Google search. It's fantastic! You are doing a great job, thanks. And many thanks for the recommendations!
CA Camilla Ohlsen
Thanks for the in-depth keyword search and all the help related to the evaluation of competitors! All the optimization steps were done quickly. And now, a few weeks after the implementation, I see the first results.
TE Terry Morrison
Wow. What a great job you and your team have done! I love all the details and keywords. I got another website that I’m going to launch next week, and I would like your help, too. Thanks!
  • Сomplete SEO audit of your site
  • Website performance optimization and Google indexing
  • Content improvement and SEO-friendly website URLs
ETA ETA : 20 business days
$149 $149
Do you have a question about the product? Get help at any time!

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