Website Design Audit

Website Design Audit

What Is Included in Professional UX and UI Audit:

  • Website’s layout examination
  • Content organization analysis
  • Calls-to-action evaluation
  • Colors and fonts examination
  • Favicon evaluation
  • Audio and media usage analysis
  • Navigation evaluation
  • Responsive design examination
  • Detailed recommendations

How UX and UI Audit Works:

  1. Getting Order Details

    6 hours

    When you purchase the service, our support team will contact you to find out the details of your order. Our professionals will require your URL and FTP details. If you want, you can provide us your login credentials and URL to provide access to your web hosting panel. Furthermore, we’ll ask you to give the admin panel details. After our team receives the information, we’ll start analyzing your website.

  2. Comprehensive Website Design Audit

    6 days

    As soon as we have got your details, our professionals will perform a thorough analysis of your site. Our web design audit will include all the points that influence user experience. The analysis will consist of the site’s design (such as layout and formatting), branding, usability, media usage and content examination. Moreover, we’ll make sure that your site has a mobile-friendly design. After we have carried out the analysis, our team will create a report. This report will contain all the details and analysis criteria. Furthermore, we’ll provide you extensive recommendations in a PDF-file for improving the design of your website.

  3. Providing UX and UI Audit Report

    1 day

    When our team has finished compiling the detailed website design audit report, we’ll send you the document. You will be able to make changes to your website as soon as you get it.

To Provide UX and UI Audit, We Need:

  • Website URL
  • URL to access your web hosting control panel
  • FTP details or login credentials
  • Admin panel access details

Why Order UX and UI Audit

A website design audit is a checkup to make sure that your site guarantees a comfortable experience for your users. Also, the UI and UX design audit analyzes whether your website’s style aptly represents your business.

If you are looking for web design audit services, it means that you care about the branding of your website. If user experience and impression really matter to you, it’s advisable to have a professional analysis of your webpage. Our experts will help you to understand what perception people have when they visit your site. Additionally, a professional UX and UI audit will help to identify problems users might have while browsing your website.

During the website design audit, our experienced team will analyze aspects such as website layout, navigation, media usage (images, videos and audio), branding and style (logo, icons, colors and fonts). After carrying out the UX and UI audit, our team will provide you a comprehensive report. You will be able to see what exactly we have analyzed, what criteria we have applied and what problems our team has found. What’s more, we’ll provide you recommendations on how to improve your site’s design. You will get detailed instructions on how to make the changes.

Please note: Website Design Audit offer can be applied for a fully edited (customized) website.


  • Can I purchase a web design audit if my website is still at the development stage?

    As a rule, we provide a UX and UI design audit for a fully edited (customized) website. However, we will be glad to help you with any design analysis. In case you haven’t finished your site creation, please provide us a layout of your pages in any format.

  • What does your UI audit include?

    Our web design audit covers five major areas that affect user experience: design, branding, usability, mobile-friendly layout and media usage.

  • How do you assist in improving the content of the website?

    When our experienced team has finished the web design audit of your site, we’ll provide you advice on improving your website’s design. Our team will show you the changes you can make. These changes may concern your layout, navigation, calls-to-action, colors, fonts and so on.

  • Does your UX/UI audit imply making the changes to my website by your team?

    Unfortunately, this service doesn’t contain the implementation of changes. However, you can purchase such a service separately. To get the details, please contact our team.

  • In what format do you send the report on the web design audit?

    Our team writes the text of the report and creates a PDF-document which we’ll send to you.

  • What does the report contain?

    Our report on UX/UI audit will contain the full list of your website design issues that influence visitors’ impression and navigation through your website. Furthermore, our team will provide a comprehensive list of recommendations on how to solve the problems.

  • How quickly will you perform the UX/UI audit?

    Our thorough website design audit takes up to 7 business days. After we finish the analysis and compile your report, we’ll send you the final results.

  • What languages do you work with?

    Our team can carry out website UI/UX audit services in English, Ukrainian or Russian.

3 Reviews for this product

Creating compelling CTAs is a whole new world for me. My website couldnt drive me sales because of poorly written calls to action, and their placement was not reasonable enough. After the audit, Ive redesigned all the buttons, placed them in an absolutely new way and my customers began to click them. Great service!
Awesome audit for users like me, who have no idea how to combine colors professionally and structure the content wisely.
Thanks for advising me on my website color scheme, now it looks perfect!

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