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Pharmaton - Drug Store Multipage Modern HTML Template Website Template
When it comes to medical websites you need a website template able to create an atmosphere of trust. In order to provide you with such a website template, our developers created a Pharmaton HTML Template. It is a clean, yet well-structured template and supports high-quality visuals. Moreover, you can decorate and edit design without HTML or CSS skills. Developers made it fully responsive and Pharmaton works and looks perfect on all devices. You can use a blog with structure options to spread important information. Or you can choose customization options for the gallery to present visual content in the best possible way. This HTML Template will be a perfect choice for pharmacies, medical websites, chemistries and pharmaceutical companies. This is a Parallax Pharmacy website design What is it?A parallax scrolling is a technique in website design where background image shifts at a less quick pace than a front article, making the optical illusion of 2D effect. Why is it Good?It generates a powerful effect for the visitor, consequently attracting a significant target audience and forcing customers to stick to the
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Last updated: 10.03.17