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Flextop eCommerce Website Template
In this time and age, it is very convenient to have an online story, because it is very simple to make transactions and customers love it, it is not time consuming. Flex Top HTML templates offers a lot to the customers. This theme will help your business; it is highly functional website and you can access by any kind of browsers you like, for instance, Opera Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and etc. To say in other words, any one can access your website any time, it is always open.1. Main Page: Here are all the important information and pages presented. This is the very first thing when customers will see when they access your website, so it is very important page. Also when the website is opened they “News Letter ” window will open on its own. It is the window whereCustomers can subscribe and also receive information about new products and arrivals. At the upper part of this page, there are two buttons, first one is for currency and the second one is for language. With the help
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Last updated: 20.02.18