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BDDL Business Flyer - Corporate Identity Template sale
This flyer can be used by all business organizations. The image, text and QR code should be changed as needed. The original file contains 5 PSD and 5 EPS templates. There are also 1 support files. The rules for changing images, fonts and colors are given. A total of 10 templates have been created with 5 colors. Swatch color is used in EPS file. Manuals for making a swatch color are given in the Support file in the form of a manual.I am professional global creative collective with over 9 years of experience working on high end branding and product development in print and digital media.Thank you for viewing and/or purchasing our templates. We really hope you enjoy this one with its flexibility to create whatever you desire!If you love it, remember to FOLLOW ME so you'll be notified about my updates on new product launches! If you have any questions just hit me with a message.
Last updated: 26.09.19