This responsive Entertainment WooCommerce Theme helps introduce some sophistication into the design of an estore with music, films, and games. The template is powered by Cherry Framework that is well documented, easy to install, frequently updated, and integrated with Bootstrap functions. The framework also comes with many widgets and shortcodes that make it easier to embed content into the site. The theme includes outstanding imagery of high resolution that perfectly harmonizes with the light panel of featured products. While some elements are blue, the dominant color of the design is red, which encourages customers' motivation for a purchase. This WPML ready and SEO friendly Entertainment WooCommerce Theme also has audio video options, online chat, contact form, backtotop button, dropdowns, tabs, and other useful features.

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This Business Firm WordPress WooCommerce template is Search Engine Friendly

What is it?

The Search Engine Friendly internet site enables any searcher to get each and every web page of the web page, identify the information and index all of them in the database.

Why is it Good?

The Search Engine Friendly web design is actually a suitable standard platform to start advertising and marketing and also boosting research rankings of the web page. It will be easier to work with such a web page for SEO specialist as half of the work is previously completed.

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This Media News WordPress WooCommerce template is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive design means well adjusted to the displays of all dimensions on any device.

Why is it Good?

Mobiles generate 80% of worldwide online usage. It's fundamental to make the business site responsive unless you wish to reduce your viewers.

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This is a Parallax Media WooCommerce template

What is it?

It is a specific process when the background design shifts slower in perception than the parts of the foreground. Therefore, Parallax generates a sense of a three-dimensional space.

Why is it Good?

Parallax scrolling will allow you to add more details to your internet site appeal.

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This Video Studio WooCommerce design theme is WPML ready

What is it?

In case you find out or hope that your target audience talks many spoken languages (possibly they are really from different countries around the world or they can be linguists), you have to have your internet site being made in a number of different languages. WPML plugin adds a multilingual switcher to the web page, allowing the visitor to immediately change the internet page's language.

Why is it Good?

WPML is a component that enables to make your website multilingual.

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This is Video Lab Studio WooCommerce design with On-line chat functionality

What is it?

This function enables you to integrate your internet store with the LiveChat resolution.

Why is it Good?

Online chat by means of tech support is usually a sign for the buyer - “this particular business really worries about me”. The internet consumers don't have to wait a long time for their ticket to become solved or proceed through lots of documents to discover the answer for himself. Friendly tech support specialist will certainly answer him almost immediately and definately will fix his issue in a virtually no time.

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This is a Bootstrap Media News WooCommerce design template

What is it?

Bootstrap is a cost-free grid-based framework that allows the development of mobile-friendly websites.

Why is it Good?

By using Bootstrap, you could create 100 percent responsive online resources using HTML and CSS based site templates for typography, fonts, forms, buttons, tables, etc.

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This is Video Lab Productions WooCommerce design template with Cherry Framework

What is it?

Cherry Framework 4 is an open-source WordPress framework in which all important functions are built-into plugins.

Why is it Good?

Cherry Framework 4 is created by making use of modular layout and could help you transfer your WordPress internet site to a higher point.

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This is Media WordPress WooCommerce template with Portfolio

What is it?

Portfolio designs offer an organic, normally tiles-form layout. They are used to set up pretty much any art form.

Why is it Good?

This can be a perfect webdesign alternative for original individuals, like photographers, music artists, designers, etc.

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Installed this template and up and running right away. Good work TM plus you provided support which I used when the client asked for updates. Having someone to help with issues when the sale is complete is very important to designers as customers always ask for additional work on the site outside the use of he theme like can you make it green well we have someone to help us update it to green thats the reason we use Template Monster thanks for your good work.
The 3 important factors in choosing this template: Responsiveness, E-Commerce Integration (WooCommerce), and Multilingual-content Compatibility (WPML).I am a Developer and we are going to use this for a website that introduces/sells some products. We are specialized in electronics. We will see later on how this works with WooCommerce then we can rate how satisfied we are overall. Design-wise, you can improve this template in a way that it collapses the Navigation Bar into a button - a standard practice now in design. Your support agents are very helpful!

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