Counter Box Pro - Сountdown, Counter, Timer WordPress Plugin

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Created: Dec 24, 2020

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

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Counter Box Pro is a WordPress plugin for quickly and easily creating countdowns, counters, and timers with live preview.

Counter Box Pro is a great way to inform visitors and add some temporary relevance to the service or product offering.

Using the plugin you can create:

  1. Countdown to date - a timer that counts down the remaining time until a specific date and time. Example of use: how to left time to New Year
  2. Count from the date - count time from any date and time. For example, how much time has passed since the date of the founding of Google
  3. Countdown to weekday - cyclic renewable timer up to a specific day of the week and time. Example of use: counting down to Friday's party every week.
  4. Classic timer - the countdown timer is reset when the visitor has left the page. Example of use: stay 20 seconds on the page and get a prize.
  5. Timer for each user - this is a timer that starts after the user visits the page. When re-visiting the page, the user sees the remaining time only for him. Example of use: a unique opportunity to purchase only the first 24 hours.
  6. Counter - a simple counter that can increase or decrease the initially set value by an arbitrary or stable number. Has an initial and final value. Examples of use: 1) Show the shortage of tickets for the premiere, the number of which is decreasing in real-time. 2) Indicate the number of buyers who bought the product and increase this amount in real-time for the user

This plugin can be used for marketing tactics to call customers to action and create an artificial sense of urgency by giving each visitor to your site a unique backtrack counter.

After reaching the counter or timer of the final set value, it is possible to call the next action on the page:

  • Hide block
  • Show block
  • Redirect on another page
  • Call any custom function
  • Hide the Counter Box
  • Show the message


  • Live preview builder
  • Powerful style editor
  • 7 type of counter
  • Set timezone for the counter
  • Vanilla JS: without using jQuery library
  • Delimiter of number: divide the digits of the counter into digits
  • Scheduling: add scheduling options to your counter. With multiple schedule types, you can precisely schedule your counter in just a few minutes
  • Show counter depending on the language (allows creating multi-language)
  • Show counter depending on the user (for all users, only for logged-in users, only for not logged-in users)

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