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AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) consist of mostly an ordinary HTML5 code. Just with special extensions and elements for mobile optimization. There are certain tags that you can and should use when developing the mobile version of your site, and there are those that you must never use. For example, the tag becomes . This promises great advantages in terms of speed and SEO optimization.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

According to Google and Facebook statistics, there are many users in the world where mobile Internet is not so fast. Because of this reason, the two companies began to take measures to provide a better experience for users with a slow connection to the Internet. Many people still don't use fast 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi networks. Google, thus, launched an open-source AMP project for mobile devices with slow Internet access in 2015.

According to statistics, about 53% of mobile device users don't stay on websites longer than three seconds. Why is that? The reason is simple. People are used to the fast pace of life and a long load of the sites annoys them. Not all users understand that having a smartphone doesn't guarantee quick access to their favorite websites at any time. Many site owners can't provide visitors with all the necessary content with a fast page load speed. Fortunately, Google offered an excellent solution to this problem. Now the owners of websites have the opportunity to increase the speed of loading the pages.

Why AMP is advantageous:

- Instant download. According to Google, 70% of web pages are downloaded in more than 10 seconds. For AMP pages, this indicator decreases threefold. A remarkable result, is it not?

- Conversion. You can significantly increase the level of conversion of the site and reduce the failure rate. Just imagine, any user gets to your site in a matter of seconds. This will appeal not only to users but also to you because under such conditions the first impression about the portal will surely be good.

- Increased influence of advertisements. Media companies managed to increase the banner click rate by 45%.

AMP is a real revolution in the world of web development. The most interesting thing is that, in fact, the Google team didn't invent anything new. Taking as a basis the principle of reducing the weight of pages, web developers improved some existing technologies. By just developing them in the right direction. The light version of HTML5 allows site owners to upgrade the finished HTML pages with additional syntax. By adding a couple of restrictions, you don't harm the site, but only improve the format of its presentation. For those who want to increase the speed of the site, this solution is just perfect. And for those who don't want to waste time developing AMP pages from scratch, we offer a collection of ready-made premium AMP solutions. By using items from the collection we offer, you'll be able to create a mobile-friendly version of your website of any kind in a matter of minutes!