Millenium is a beautiful and elegant Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard designed to manage and visualize data about your business. It combines easy colors on the eyes, cards, elegant layouts, beautiful typography, and graphics.

There are 7 layouts that you can use and we try to keep updating them later. And you can also adjust the layout color.

In addition to layouts we have also provided several additional pages and apps such as e-mail, messages, board, login & register, 404, invoices etc.

For plugin options, we are very selective in selecting. We only use plugins that are absolutely necessary to keep fast and light templates.

By purchasing Millenium - Bootstrap 4 Dashboard you can save more than 1000 hours of time in working on the design and coding that we have done for you.

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This is an excellent dashboard template. I got the development of my web app off to a fast start because of the nice UX design and the many plugins incorporated into the template. I wont end up using all of the plugins/components/pages but the template made me aware of a lot really good plugins that are available on the web. The sample data incorporated into the template made it helpful for me to how pages could add value for my users.
Absolutely love this template; in just days it has re-shaped the back-end of our entire application and I am just scraping the surface of it thus far.

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Sublime Text2 or later, Notepad++