The Best Admin Panel Dashboard Templates

A convenient and functional control panel is indispensable when creating and configuring a website. The graphical interface eliminates the need to work directly with the code and allows even a person far from programming to edit the page. Therefore, if you want to make website creation convenient, you need admin panel dashboard templates.

You can customize page elements in the admin panel, add or remove components, and set settings for the desired forms. You can easily set up a live chat or feedback form and add all the necessary widgets.

Themes contain practical applications and analytics tools. In the admin panel, you can monitor the performance of your resources and monitor essential indicators. Adding content will also become simple and fast. And you can change the site's appearance and its elements' location at any time.

What Are the Benefits of Admin Panel Templates

In this portfolio, you will find dashboard templates for any business. They are designed to take into account the specifics of a particular niche and provide maximum control and management options. In addition, the presented products have the following advantages:

  • responsiveness that allows you to use the admin panel on any device;
  • lightweight, which does not overload the site and allows it to work quickly;
  • easy customization, thanks to which you can easily customize the panel for yourself, leaving only the necessary functions;
  • code with all the essential comments, which allows programmers to navigate it and make the required changes quickly.

In addition, all templates have a modern and creative design that combines convenience with style. You will fall in love with these templates at first sight.

The functionality of the dashboard panel templates is beyond praise. They will be handy for online stores. In the informative panel, you can easily manage products, suppliers, purchases, sales, payments, receipts, and employees. All the necessary information about your company's activities is collected in one place and presented using tables and infographics.

Moreover, TemplateMonster offers admin panels for all kinds of businesses, and you can always find the closest area to your niche. For example, IT companies will benefit from admin panel and dashboard templates for software products websites, and and if you are engaged in photography, check out the catalog of photography dashboard templates.

Who Can Use Dashboard Templates

As we said, this catalog has multiple options for various areas. You can find solutions for all possible fields, from cryptocurrency to management companies. Furthermore, these products are multifunctional. It means that you can adapt the existing dashboard to your personal needs and set up the display of necessary parameters. In general, these templates are ideal for the following:

  • stores;
  • infotainment platforms;
  • business sites;
  • restaurants and cafés;
  • travel agencies, etc.

They can make any online business more convenient and functional. Monitoring all activities and actions makes it easier to manage the company and correct possible mistakes.

How to Make a Perfect Business Site with Admin Panel Templates

First, you need to determine which area your company belongs to. This will help you quickly find the desired template in the catalog. For example, if you are making a website for a hotel, the templates for the product & service provider websites section are suitable for you.

Choose a suitable template. Pay attention to the proposed functionality. The control panel should be convenient and informative because, on it, you will track the leading indicators and manage the site. You can try several options with the help of the Live Demo tool and decide on the final choice.

After purchasing, install the panel and make the necessary settings. Arrange the elements to suit you and add the functions you need. The essential quality of a dashboard is convenience and functionality. Design, in this case, is secondary.

When tracking sales metrics or employee performance, pay attention to overall trends rather than single metrics. This will help you avoid severe mistakes. There is no need to take action if the general direction is positive. However, if the indicators are deteriorating, you need to analyze the situation, find the causes, and eliminate them.

Create an Attractive eCommerce Project: Video

Dashboard templates are handy for eCommerce sites. If you still need to decide on your resource design, take a look at the best themes you can use. This video will show you the most popular templates and give insights into your project design.

Admin Panel Dashboard Templates Q&A

How do I install and adjust the admin panel dashboard templates?

It depends on many factors. The documentation includes instructions, and you can find helpful advice in the TemplateMonster knowledge base. But these products are not for beginners. You need some experience to install them properly. If you need more confidence in your abilities, hire a professional for this job.

Can I get a discount for admin panel dashboard templates?

You can find up-to-date information about discounts and promotions on TemplateMonster’s social media. A MonsterONE subscription allows you to receive a discount for exclusive products and download premium items for free. If you plan to make multiple purchases, consider subscribing.

How to install admin panel dashboard templates?

  1. After purchase, download the package. Upload it to your server and extract the package.
  2. Browse the package URL via the browser; you will find an installation interface.
  3. Enter the application name and application title.
  4. Enter the purchase code, company name, email, mobile, and address.
  5. Enter hostname: database hostname e.g.:localhost.
  6. Enter database name: create a MySQL database and provide the same name.
  7. Enter database username: username of the created database.
  8. Enter database password: password of the created database.
  9. Enter your default email.
  10. Enter the default name.
  11. Click on the "Install Now" button.
  12. You are almost done.
  13. Now go to the project folder and create a .env file.
  14. Click on the "Install" button.
  15. You are done.

Can I change the layout of the admin panel dashboard templates?

Yes, templates are easily customizable. You can add or remove elements and change their location on the page.